Friday, July 24, 2009

Grrr ACME! Give Collegeville a Break!

So, I admit I have been wondering what is going on with the former ACME Collegeville location, and I was in the Saladworks today and I found this petition:

Acme Deliberately Blocking Shop Rite/Wakefern Foods From Discussions Concerning Moving into Acme's Vacant Collegeville Space

Acme Markets announced in January, 2009, that it was closing its Collegeville Shopping Center location after operating here for over 40 years. It is our understanding that Acme which has a remaining four-year contract with the shopping center's manager, the Centro Properties Group, continues to pay rent to Centro for the vacant space, rather than allow another grocery store to move into its' former space. Unfortunately, Acme's marketing plan to limit competition is also forcing Collegeville residents to drive to the Acme stores in Limerick or Lower Providence - an unnecessary minimum eight mile round trip. *

Additionally, as the former anchor store of the Collegeville Shopping Center, the Acme vacany has very measurably adversely affected all the remaining shopping center tenants, and if the vacancy continues it could force many Collegeville businesses to close.

Jim Mandanci of Wakefern Foods, who runs an attractive and successful Shop Rite Supermarket in West Chester, PA, has approached Centro Properties Group to discuss combining the Acme and Riter-Aid spaces to build a high-end store in Collegeville that would contin a large, state-of the art grocery store, pharmacy and coffee sandwich/pizzeria area. For now, Centro is honoring the Acme lease and is not engaging in discussions with Wakefern Foods, to the detriment of Collegeville's residents and the mall business tenants.

Although legal, these actions, unfortunately, exhibit a total disregard for the best interests of our local residents and the viability of our Collegeville business community during the time we are alll suffering from this economic downturn.

If you believe as we do that Acme should instead demonstrate a positive community commitment in working in a good faith effort with Centro, Wakefern Foods and any other interested supermarkets for the best interest and outcome of our Collegeville community, and allow discussions concerning supermarkets moving into the former Acme space, please show your support by joining us in signing the attached petition or sign one that will be available at all the stores in the Collegeville Shopping Center beginning July 5, 2009. **

Thank you!

Andrea Baptiste
Tim Mahon
Jack Corr
Business Liaison Committee - Collegeville Borough Council

* This part is a bit misleading, yes to get to an Acme you have to drive 8 miles, but there is a Redners in the adjoining center, and a Super Fresh about 2 miles away

** This is not an official petition site, I am just sharing the information that I found, if interested in signing the petition please stop in the shopping center.

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