Thursday, December 18, 2008

ACME 12/19 - 12/25/08

4 day sale Friday Dec 19 through Monday Dec 22

Turkey $.59 Limit 1 w/ $25 purchase
Keller's Butter $1.88 limit 3
Nestle Morsels $1.88
Philadelphia Cream Cheese 10 for $10
Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce 10 for $10

Regular ad sales

Kellogg's Cereal $1.50 Select Varies MUST BUY 6
Sprite, Seagram's, Barqs or Fanta Orange $.79 MUST BUY 5
Large Eggs 2 for $6
Nesquik Single serve drinks 10 for $10
Cool WHip 10 for $10
Minute Maid Fruit Drinks 10 for $10

Don't go on Holiday from CVS YET!

I just got in my hands the ad for 12/21 - 12/27, I had seen previews, but it is always better when I can touch ti for some reason.

2 day FREE after Extra Bucks Sale!!!! (Sunday and Monday ONLY!)

Listerine $2.99, FREE after ECB limit 5

Sally Hansen Lacquer Nail Color $5.99 FREE after ECB limit 2

L'oreal HIP Metallic Eye shadow duos $6.99 FREE after ECB limit 2

Therma Care $2.49 FREE after ECB limit 3

Right Guard Professional Strength Deoderant $6 FREE after ECB limit 5

Zippfizz energy $5.99 FREE after ECB limit 1

Excedrin Extra Strength $3.99 FREE after ECB limit 1

Alteril Sleep Aid $9.99 FREE after ECB limit 1

Halls Naturals $2.59 FREE after ECB limit 1

Arm & Hammer Essentials multi surface cleaner $2.99 FREE after ECB limit 5

EAS AdvantEdge Bar $1.69 FREE after ECB limit 1

Benefiber 16 ct $7.29 FREE after ECB limit 1

Iceland Health Joint Relief 60 ct $29.99 FREE after ECB limit 1

Slimquick 2 pack $4.99 FREE after ECB limit 1

Sleepinal 32 ct $8.49 FREE after ECB limit 5

EAS AdvantEdge Shake 4 pk $7.49 FREE after ECB limit 1

Zantac 150 8 ct $4.99 FREE after ECB limit 1

Thee are coupons out for many of these items too! and many those awesome $/$$ coupons!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Need a new hat? Need a hat for someone on your holiday shopping list?

Text LIDS25 to ChaCha (242242) to get a special 25% off offer
Text NEWLIDS to ChaCha (242242) to get a special free ground shipping offer

And check out they've got hats for just about anyone, kids, moms, dads, teens, baseball, football, nascar, etc.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Do you live in PA? Are you over 65 or disabled? Do you know someone who is?

The deadline for the Property Tax/Rent Rebate is quickly approaching, this could be $650 for your household! It is estimated that over 100,000 people in PA are eligible but have not applied!

Property Tax/Rent Rebate claim forms (PA-1000) and information are available online at and by calling 1-888-222-9190, between 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Residents requesting forms by mail must call or submit Web site requests by Monday, Dec. 22, to allow sufficient time for mailing. Forms can be downloaded from the Web site until Dec. 31.

For more information read this article: HERE

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Limited Too - awesome online deal!

OK here are the steps you need to take

Log into your ebates account.

Don't have one - click here:

and create an ebates account.

Select your store as Limited Too, Pick the take 30% off coupon, Ebates will apply the code and send you to the Limited Too site.

Now 30% off is nice, but what makes this deal HOT is everything on the site is Buy One Get One FREE!
Orders over $75, after discounts - $5 Shipping!

Ebates will give you 4% back too!
If this is your first time using ebates, and you use the button I have above, Ebates will credit you an additional $5!
So I was able to do quite a bit of Christmas shopping for my daughters. Check out some of my items:

Leggings - Regular price $26.50, sale price $19.99, with the B1G1 and the 30% off $6.99 a pair!!!

I just love this penguin shirt! $24.50 with the B1G1 and the 30% off $8.58 each!

Oh, and Limited Too has Webkinz too!
And I didn't have to fight the crowds, it will be delivered to my door!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Superfresh TRIPLES! 11/21 -11/27/2008

And I thought this was going to be a dull week! We've got Triples at Superfresh!

Apparently not all stores are having them, so check your store

Quick look of what I see in the ad:

Swanson Broth 14 oz cans 5 for $3

College Inn Broth 32 oz 2 for $4

Hot Pockets/ Lean Pockets 5 for $10

Assorted Kellogg's Cereals $2.79

Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce 10 for $10

Superpretzel Soft Pretzels 1/2 price

Maxwell House Coffee 1/2 price

Birds Eye Frozen Boxed Veggies, in sauce $.69

Herbal or Green Lipton Tea 2 for $4

Now I've gotta clip some coupons!

It's cold, it's dreary, but I've got BATTERIES!

I admit I have been pretty down on CVS, 'cause the deals have sucked. But the current Duracell Battery deal is SWEET!
Buy $20 of Duracell batteries and get $15 in ECB - that alone is great . . . .But!
This past weekends inserts, and today's Philadelphia Daily News (see pic) have $1.50 coupons off Duracell batteries . . . . But there's more!
In CVS stores you can find tearpads for $5 off 2 packs of Duracell batteries, and they are Store coupons, so you can use them with the manufacturers coupons.
And this means you are getting PAID to stock up on batteries! And we all now that this time of year we ALWAYS need lots of batteries!
Other deals to check out while you are at CVS are the Glade and Crest deals. Roll those ECBs, and more deals are coming for Thanksgiving/Black Friday!
BTW - one of the local couponers secrets is the Philadelphia Daily News. Each Thursday they have coupons. Now there aren't usually as many coupons as we see in the Sunday Philadelphia Inquirer. BUT the Daily News only costs $.75 ! And it is worth checking when there are good coupons (and you were too sick to make it to the Dollar Store on Sunday before they got cleaned out of papers). In the case of today's Philadelphia Daily News, it has a nice selection of this past weekends coupons, and it includes the $1.50 Duracell coupon, with that one coupon you are ahead!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Genuardis 11/14/08-11/20/08

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Only 
Starbucks Coffee  $5.99, limit 5 (tearpads, blinkies)
Nabisco Snack Crackers $1.88 limit 4  (printable
Progresso Soup  $.79  limit 8 (printable , 10/26 & 11/9 inserts)

Regular ad
Butterball Turkey $.69 / pound
1 pound Safeway brown or powdered sugar $.99

That's all I see folks, unfortunately another week I probably won't even walk through the doors at Genuardis

ACME 11/14 - 11/20

4 Days only Friday 11/14 - Sunday 11/17
Nestle Morsels 3 for $7 (Printable, assorted blinkies and 11/2 insert coupons)
Domino Sugar 5 lbs   $1.99  (10/12 insert and All You Magazine coupons)
Acme Vegetable Oil   128 fl oz   $5.99
Acme Cooking Spray Buy 1 get 2 Free (with in ad coupon)

Regular ad:
Pepsi products 2 lieters $.79
Pilsbury Cake Mix $.49 MUST BUY 10! ! ! ! 
Minute Maid Fruit Drinks 10 for $10
Cento Wine Vinegar 10 for $10
Nesquick Single Serve 10 for $10 (FREE after $.50 tearpad coupon)
Canation Evaporated Milk 10 for $10 
Campbell's Soup at Hand 10 for $10 (10/5 insert - they expire 11/16)
Birds Eye Steamfresh and Plain Poly Vegetables 10-16 oz., 10 for $10 (10/12 & 11/2 insert, blinkies)

Save $5 instantly when you buy 10 particpating products
Hungry Jack Pancake Mix $1.99 (11/9 insert, peelies)
Hungry Jack Syrup $2.99 (11/9 insert)
Pilsburry Premium Brownie Mix 3 for $5 (11/2 and 11/9 inserts)
Pilsbury Frosting 3 for $5 (11/2 and 11/9 inserts)
Pilsbury All Purpose Flour 2 for $4
Jif Peanut Butter Creamy 2 for $7 (10/19  & 11.9 inserts)
12 oz Smuckers Preserves 2 for $4
Crisco Begetable, Canola, or Natural blen oil $3.99 (11/9 insert)
Crisco Cooking Spray 2 for $5 (11/9 insert)
Crisco Shortening Sticks $2.99 (11/9 insert)
Eagle Brand Swetened Condensed Milk 2 for $5  (11/9 insert)

And this weeks Milk / Cereal Deal
 . . . especially good for homes going through a lot of milk!
Free Gallon of Milk at the checkout (not an OYNO coupon) when you buy any FOUR participating Kellogg's Cereals and /or Cereals Straws
Kellogg's Cereal on sale 2 for $6 includes:
12.2oz Apple Jacks
12.5 oz Corn Pops
12.2 oz Froot Loops
16-18 oz Bite Size Mini Wheats (Printable
10.5 oz Rice Krispies w/ Strawberry (Printable
8.8 oz Straws
AND get a free Kellogg Bowl with purchase of any TWO Kellogg's Cereals

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Current ACME deal - Stocking Stuffers and Christmas gifts?

I am behind on posting anything about the current ACME ad, mostly because it hasn't been working for me the way it suppossed to. And I HATE the idea of telling someone about a hot deal and then having it not work.

But let's take a look at the GM deal:

Get $15 OYNO coupon and Free Milk wyb any 10 Participating General Mills Breakfast products. FYI the milk coupon is for $4.50 off (it will take the full $4.50 off)
Participating products include: All General Mills cereals, Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, Nature Valley Granola Bars, Milk & Cereal Bars, Fiber One Chewy Bars, Fiber One Toaster, Caribou Coffee Bars, Chex Mix Bars, Curves Chewy Bars

Cereals on sale 2 for $6 include:
Original Cheerios 8.9oz
Honey Nut Cheerios 12.2oz
Lucky charms 11.5oz
Reese’s Puffs 13oz
Trix 10.7oz
Golden Grahams 12oz
Cinnamon Toast Crunch 12.8oz
Cocoa Puffs 11.8oz
Cocoa Puffs Combos 11.7oz

Fruit Snacks & Bars 2 for $6
Fiber One Toaster Pastries $2.49 each

Now, you are probably saying, but you got all that cereal last week, why is this even something to give a second look? Well, last weeks deal was pretty much just on the Chex, this week is all the GM cereals AND it adds in the Fruit Snacks.

In my house fruit snacks are a treat, a rare treat (we really try and focus more on fresh veggies, fresh fruits, cheese and yogurt). But my girls love them, my friends kids love them, and they are perfect for having in the purse/car for the on the go longer then you thought you would be treat, or for the movies.

Also, Christmas is coming. Instead of stuffing the stocking with things that get broken, or breaking the bank, how about throwing in some of your childs favorite fruit snacks? I picked up some yesterday that were Sipderman and Tonka Trucks- how cool!

And don't forget, use your coupons!

Next deal
Get $10 OYNO wyb $20 in participating products
Healthy Choice Entrees: 4 for $12
Marie Callender Entrees: 4 for $12
Healthy Choice Soups: 3 for $5
Healthy Choice Simple Selections: 5 for $10
Ro-tel Tomatoes: 4 for $5
Hunts Manwich: 4 for $5
Chef Boyardee Canned Pasta: 4 for $5
Hunts Pasta Sauce: 4 for $5
Banquet Value Menu Entres: 4 for $5
Swiss Miss Cocoa: $10 for $10
Hunts Snack Pudding: 10 for $10

Hunts Stewed and Diced Tomatoes: 10 for $10
Crunch & Munch Caramel Corn: 10 for $10
Egg Beaters: 2 for $5
Pam Cooking Spray: 2 for $5
Peter Pan Peanut Butter: 2 for $5
Wesson Oil: $3.99
Orville Redenbacher Microwave Popcorn: BOGO at $3.39
Parkay Squeeze Margarine: $1.79
Reddi Wip Aerosol Topping: 2 for $4
Flesichmann’s Margarine Quarters or Soft: 2 for $4

Now, history, would have us know that this deal should work off of shelf prices. I have to admidt though, I have tried it 3 times, and it has only worked once. So if you are going to do it off shelf prices, be sure to read up at Hot Coupon World, for the latest on what is working and what isn't.

I have bolded the Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate, the Hunts Snack Pudding and the Orville Redenbacher Microwave Popcorn, because these are all great for stocking stuffers, and the hot chocolate and popcorn are also great for holiday gift basket giving! Have some hot chocolate, box of popcorn, and a movie or blockbuster gift card and you have a really nice gift! Pick up some cute holiday mugs (at our favorite Dollar Tree!) and you have an even better gift!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

ACME Wrap Up through Thursday 11/6/08

The rest of my tally for this HOT week

Items that are part of the HOT Buy $30 get $15 deal:
9 Skippy Peanut Butter
6 Totino Pizza Rolls
8 Green Giant Veggies
1 Lipton Ice Tea to go
4 All Small & Mighty
8 PIllsbury Dinner Rolls
4 Green Giant Pasta accent veggies
3 Betty Crocker Box Potatoes
6 Assorted Klondike Boxes (hubby LOVES the Triple Chocolate)
12 Lipton Side
3 Betty Crocker Frosting
6 Chicken Helper
3 Hamburger Helper
28 Chex
8 Cheerios
4 Ragu
2 Bisuick
1 Hellmann Mayo, Light
3 Progresso Broth
6 Betty Crocker Cookie Mix

Other items we needed for the house or had coupons for:
1.68 lb Banana
2 Bags Salad Mix
1 Lb sliced cheese
18 Dasani Plus Waters
5 Dannon Frusion Smoothies
1 Salt
2 Gallon Tea
1 2 Liter Pepsi
2 bags cat food
1 bag candy corn
1 Powerade Zero
4.6 Lb Chicken legs
4 packs gum

Out of Pocket $65.99
Savings 458.40
and I walked out of this deal with $30 in OYNO catalinas
5 Free bread coupons
and a Free Turkey

Somewhat sadly, this deal is over now, time to reviews the ads and message boards to formulate plans for the next deals.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

ACME Report for this week . . . so far

I have been totally loving ACME this week!

I have done 3 orders, I have spent $51 out of pocket and I have $30 in OYNO catalinas (so as far as I am concerned that puts me at $21) And this is what I have gotten

Items that are part of the HOT Buy $30 get $15 deal:
9 Skippy Peanut Butter
6 Totino Pizza Rolls
4 Green Giant Veggies
1 Lipton Ice Tea to go
10 Knorr Sides
1 Hellmann Mayo, Light
3 Progresso Broth
6 Betty Crocker Cookie Mix
3 Chicken Helper
3 Hamburger Helper

Other items we needed for the house or had coupons for:
1.68 lb Banana
2 Bags Salad Mix
1 Lb sliced cheese
18 Dasani Plus Waters
5 Dannon Frusion Smoothies
1 Salt
2 Gallon Tea
1 2 Liter Pepsi
2 bags cat food
1 bag candy corn

Remember this OYNO deal at ACME is based on the SHELF price NOT the sale price, that means you get $30 worth of shelf price items to get your $15 OYNO coupons . . . and you are paying sale prices, add in coupons and WOOWOOWOWOWOWO

Items included in the sale:

6 for $10
Progresso Broths Beef, Chicken, and Reduced Sodium Chicken, 32oz
Wishbone Salad Dressing 16oz or Spritzers 7oz, select varieties
Knorr Veggie Sides, 4.3-5.4oz, select varieties
Suave Kids Shampoo or Conditioner, 10.5-12oz, select varieties
Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper, 5.2-9.2oz, select varieties
Bisquick Shake N Pour, 10.6oz
Progresso Traditonal Soups 18.5-19oz, select varieties
Suave Professional, 14.5oz, select varieties
Betty Crocker Cookie Mix, 17.5oz
Ragu Pasta Sauce jar OR pouch, 13.5-26oz
Betty Crocker family brownie mix 18.3-20.5 oz, select varieties
Betty Crocker frosting, 12-16oz, select varieties
Suave Hair Products, 5.24-8.5oz, select varieties

10 for $10
Betty Crocker cake mix, 18-21.5 oz, select varieties
Ben&Jerry's ice cream cups, 3.6oz
Betty Crocker Specialty Potatoes, 4.5-7.2oz, select varieties
Green Giant (frozen) veggies, 7.5-12oz, select varieties
Lipton Side Dishes (the Knorr ones), 4.1-5.7oz, Noodles or Rice, select varieties
Lipton dry soup mix, 1.8-2.2oz, select varieties

4 for $10
Hellmann's Mayo, 24-30oz, select varieties
Pillsbury refrigerated ready to bake or chub cookie dough, 16-16.5oz, select varieties
PopSecret micro popcorn, 8.7-10.5, select varieties
Vaseline Intensive Care lotion, 3.1-10oz, select varieties
Suave hand or body lotion, 18oz, select varieties
Chex Mix Select and 100 Calories, 4.2-8oz, select varieties
Skippy peanut butter 15-16.3oz, select varieties
Gold Medal flour, 5 lb, sleect varieties
Country Crock spread, 45-48oz, select varieties
Degree or Dove solid deo or antiperspirant, 2.6oz, select varieties
Qtip Valu Pack cotton swabs,
500ctChex Mix and Bugles, 7.5-8.75oz, select varieties
Dove bar soap, 8.5oz, select varieties
Trix MultiPack Yogurts, Yoplait Kids Drinkables or Go-Gurt, 18-24oz
General Mills cereals: Trix 10.7oz, Golden Grahams 12oz, Cheerios 8.9oz, Rice Chex 12.8oz, Wheat Chex 14oz, Corn Chex 14oz, Multibran Chex 14oz
Lipton Tea-to-go, .4-.6oz
Lipton Pyramid Teas, 20ct, select varieties
Lipton tea bags, 100ctLipton Pyramid Gourmet Tea, 18-20ct, select varieties

3 for $10
all small and mighty or 2X, 26-32 loads/32-50oz, select varieties
Breyers ice cream, 48 oz, select varieties
Totino's Pizza Rolls, 17-19.8oz, select varieties
Dove shampoo or conditioner, 12oz, select varieties
Klondike ice cream novelties, 16-27oz, select varieties
SlimFast snack vars, 4.65-7.19oz, select varieties
Pillsbury Dinner Rolls and Biscuits (frozen), 12.4-25oz, select varieties

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's Election Day!

It's Election Day!   Time to vote!Not sure where you vote?  Click Here

Send all your friends an Ecard and remind them to vote

AFTER you've voted you can check out these deals:

California Tortilla 

Free Starbucks:

Eat N' Park   Free Coffee

Free Ben & Jerry's:

Free Krispy Creme:

$20 off order of $80 or More   Code BHELECTION
(Use Ebates and get an extra 3% - not an Ebates member - Click HERE! )

Adult ONLY  -   Only in NY and Seattle

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Genuardis Nov 1 & Nov 2 48 Hour Game Day Sale

I made a quick stop at Genuardis tonight to pick up one of the Wednesday special $5 Roasted Chickens (LOVE THEM!) And this sign was in the window:
Coupon Matchups (so far . . not sure what we will get in this weekends paper)
*Yoplait Yogurt Cups, Any - 10-05-08 GM $0.40/6
*Yoplait Yogurt Cups (includes Original, Light, Thick & Creamy or Whips) or any flavor Yoplait Original or Light Smoothie - 09-07-08 GM $0.40/6

How to Clip Coupons

So if you've got a ton of inserts how do you clip them.

Well they say a picture is worth a thousand words, well a video with worth a MILLON!

Check out how Sam from YMMV Radio Clips Coupons!

Also check out the YMMV Radio site

KMart Super Doubles End 11/1, ACME Deals are coming, and Superfresh TRIPLES start 10/31

Are we having fun yet?!?!?!??!

Have you shopped Kmart yet? Don't forget grab your in store Beauty books! The coupons on them work great on things like the B1G1 Loreal Makeup (my store lets me use a coupon for each item too!), Almay 40% off makeup, Kiss Nail Art, Revlon Nail Files (great for solider donations!) Plus the "hot list" from my previous post.

There has been a lot of bzzzzzz about ACME and Jewel deals coming at Couponers Wanted they are OYNO catalina deals which *should* be based on shelf price not on sale price. The ONLY way to know what is hot with the Jewel deals . . .which frequently match up with the ACME deals is to watch Couponers Wanted I will post an update when I have the ad, but Barb and Ernie have the heads up way earlier then me.
Also, if you use an ACME Cash Rewards points store. Check the bottom of your receipt, the end of the month is approaching and you don't want to just miss a point level to get a bigger reward! Also rewards will now be printing as a catalina after the 15th of the month the reward, the month following when the award was earned, no more wondering when they will come in the mail! WTG ACME!
Kristen C at HCW is reporting Superfresh Triples starting 10/31 ! It's been awhile (Since I believe the end of August) so I am ready for these!!!
Hot coupons from previous Superfresh Triples deals Vive Paper Towels, Reynolds Wrap (the pop up dispensers), Hot Pockets, Toothbrushes, Deodorant, Texas Toast Croutons, Eggos, Ben & Jerry's, Totinos Pizza Rolls, Lysol Hand Sanitizer . . . we will have to wait for the coupon previews and the ad to get an idea of what else might be hot.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Get those donations ready

The holidays are just around the corner, and we all know the crunch to get gifts purchased and wrapped, and possibly even mailed on time.

But getting things donated to our soliders serving overseas needs to happen even sooner.

Here in PA there is a great organization called Keystone Soliders. I do my best to donate to them year round, but I make an extra push for additional donations at this time of year. Their current wish list for donations is:

*** 12" to 15" CHRISTMAS STOCKINGS for the holidays*** Can be home made or store bought!
*Cold drink mixes – Gatorade, Crystal Lite, Kool Aid or the individual flavor straws you add to bottled water
Ground Coffee (not instant), tea, hot chocolate or spiced cider. Coffee creamer and sugar packets too!
*Power Bars, cereal bars, trail mix and healthy snacks
Ramen Noodle packs (the big cups are hard to pack and limit what we can fit in the packages)
*Slim Jims, *Beef or Turkey Jerky Granola Bars
Sunflower Seeds & Nuts
***Individual snacks like chips, crackers, cookies, cheese/cracker kits
*Peanut Butter & Jelly – small size plastic jars please

Microwave popcorn
Small sewing kits and manicure kits
*Sunscreen and insect repellent, Chap Stick with sunscreen, Carmex, Blistex
**Body wash mens and ladies
Shampoo - mens and ladies
*Foot Powder and foot cream for athlete's foot
Odor Eaters (for boots), Dr. Scholl's foot pads, blister pads
Hand Sanitizer - small size bottles to carry with them
Shave cream – non-aerosol only and good razors
Hand and foot warmers
Mens and Ladies underwear in sizes Small, Med, Large
Ladies calf high socks or boot socks
New or used game systems like PS2 or Xbox
Video games for the systems above or small hand-held games
**CDs and DVDs - New or used are fine. Current releases are appreciated
*AT&T Global Pre-Paid Calling Cards (available at Sam’s Club or
Money for shipping costs. Please, please! They need to raise at least $15,000 to ship the stockings and holiday cards!

* = Items most needed or requested by the troops! ***They are currently OUT of STOCK on cookies, fruit snacks, chips, and crackers. We still need jerky, slim jims and body wash.
You can print this list to share with others or take shopping with you by clicking the link at the top of the article! You are welcome to print as many copies as you like so please pass them on to others who are interested in supporting our troops.
Please do not send any more cans of vegetables or outdated food items. They cost a lot to throw away. We do NOT need any more books right now. Please consider sending underwear or DVDs instead.
****Monetary donations are needed to help ship the care packages. This is always the biggest need by far. Shipping costs have increased and they really need to be able to get the packages out every week. They ship Wednesday and Saturday and are currently sending 50 to 200 boxes every week. The troops are counting on us.

Keystone Soldiers is gearing up for our annual Stockings for Soldiers campaign for the holidays. This will be our 6th Christmas season sending holiday cheer from home to those serving our country all over the world. One of our big needs is the Christmas stockings so that we have enough to cover the 6,000 or so troops on our list that have already signed up. Please help us make sure that none of our troops goes without a holiday smile from home this year.
If you have a church group or scout troop or even a sewing club that could help us out with some 12" to 15" stockings it would be a huge blessing. They can be home-made, sewn from felt or purchased. We have had to buy some extras the last couple years and the Dollar Tree stores usually have a great selection for only $1 each. We currently have a couple hundred in stock thanks to the Lynn family and several other donors who have drooped off bags of them at our Leesport packing location. We appreciate all of you who have remembered that we have to start early to make sure the stockings get there in plenty of time. Registered users can view some of the photos of those who received stockings from us last year in the Media Gallery!

Our other BIG need for this campaign will be the money to ship the stockings. The economic situation has hit us hard the last few months. I know that times are tough and that when you are struggling to put gas in your car and food on the table that one of the items that is not on your mind is giving money away. All I can ask is if you can help us with $5.00 or a package of snacks or socks or other items from the list to put in the stockings you do so. We truly appreciate any help at all and no donation is too big or too small.

We will be posting more details on Stockings for Soldiers and some extra packing dates and times over the next few weeks. We hope to see lots of our old friends during the holday season!
Thanks for your continued support for Keystone Soldiers and for our troops!

Halloween Kids Eat Free!

What a great way to fill the kids up with WARM (it's REALLY cold where I am right now) food before you take them out Trick or Treating.

Old Country Buffet

Come in on October 31 and receive up to 2 free kids meals* if your child is dressed in their Halloween Costume.

*Valid for up to two (2) free kids meals (age 11 and under) per regular priced adult. Not valid with any other offer.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Giant PA 10/26 - 11/1

4 $1 coupon doublers (not that exciting due to Kmart, but good for food stuff)
Hunts Snack Pack Pudding 10 for $10
Betty Crocker SuperMoist Cake Mix 10 for $10
Arm & Hammer Dryer Sheets 10 for $10
Dixie Ultrastrong Paper Plates 2 for $4

Gas Points Buy any 6 age save $.20 per gallon
Cottonelle 12 Double Roll Bath Tissue $6.99
Kleenex Family Facial Tissues 2 for $3
Pyrex Bakeware 25% off
Cottonelle Fresh Moist Wipes $4.99
Depend Undergarments $1 off
Scott 8 Roll Paper Towels 2 for $11
Scott 4 Roll Bath Tissue 2 for $6
Huggies Baby Wipes refill or tub $7.55
Huggies Baby Care Products 2 for $5
Huggies Jumbo Pack Training Pants $10.69
Kotex maxi pads or tampons $2.99

Buy any 8 and save $.20 per gallon
General Mills Selected Cereal 2 for $4
Nature Valley Granola Bars 2 for $5
Yoplait YoPlus 4 pack $2.19
Chex Mix Snack Mix 2 for $5
Green Giant Valley Fresh Sauce Steamers 3 for $5
Betty Crocker Fruit ROll Ups 2 for $4
Betty Crocker Potato Buds $1.79
Green Giant Create a Meal 2 for $6
Green Giant Vegetables in sauce 2 for $6

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Genuardi's 10/24/08 - 10/30/08

Couple of OK deals, nothing I am wowed by, maybe the Sunday Ad will be more exciting.

48 Hour Sale Saturday and Sunday Only
$1.99 Del Monte Gold Pineapple Limit 1
$1.99 Lucrene Butter 10 oz Limit 2

Super Coupons Limit 1 with Minimum $10 Purchase Exp 10/30/08
2 for $3 Skippy Peanut Butter
--Varies by region 8/17/08 and 10/5/08 Red Plum Insert coupons
$1.49 Tositos Tortilla Chips
$2 Off Duracell CopperTop Batteries

Super 8 Day Coupons Limit 1 with Minimum $10 Purchase Exp 10/31/08
$7.99 Tony Roma's Baby Back Ribs
$4.49 24 Pack Pepsi
$.99 Safeway Apple Juice

Regular Ad
$.99/lb Fresh Perdue Whole Chicken
$4.99 Maxwell House Coffee 33 to 39 oz
--- $1 assorted blinkies and peelies
2 for $4 Thomas' Mix and Match
10 for $10 Rice or Pasta Roni
10 for $10 Gatorade, G2 or Sobe LifeWater
---$.30 off Gatorade Tearpad,
10 for $10 Propel 700ml or Fuze 18.5 oz
---$.50 off Propel Tearpad, doubled = FREE
10 for $10 Del Monte Fruit Naturals
---$.55 off from Parade Sept 2008, doubled = FREE
$1.88 Kellogg's Rice Krispies or Quaker Cap'n Crunch
---- Kellogg's $1 Printable HERE

Buy 1 Get 1 Free 6 Pack IBC ($3.99)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kmart SUPER Doubles 10/26 - 11/1

Bargain Share and A Full Cup are reporting a HUGE list of participating stores for Super Doubles at KMart - FINALLY! (To my local people the THREE closest ARE participating!)

Check with your store to see if they are participating!

Here are SOME of the things people are reporting getting FREE or CHEAP after coupons with these deals:


Tic Tac

Glade 4 oz candle

Fancy feast dry cat food pouches

Fantastik all purpose cleaner

Betty Crocker instant potatoes pouches

Johnson And Johnson character bandaids

PB uncrustables



Revlon Tweezers


Lysol Disinfecting Spray


Ronzoni Smart Taste

Franks Red Hot Sauce

Right Guard

Yoplait YoPlus yogurt

Farmland Bacon

Healthful Life dry catfood

Goodlife Recipe dry catfood

Whiskas multipack catfood

Glade Carpet sprinkles

Resolve carpet cleaners

Carpet Fresh carpet foam

Endust products


Johnsonville sausage

Glade Wisp refills

Johnson first aid tape/gauze/etc

Dawn Hand Renewal

Thai Kitchen noodles packet

ziploc pump starter

Garnier fruitis shamp/cond

Revlon big files

Sally hansen nail polish bottles

Crest kids toothpaste


Colgate whitening


Bic Comfort Twin 10 pk (men and women)

Bic Comfort Pivot razors (men)

Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel

Sally Hansen LaCross Tweezers

Revlon 12 Hour Eyeshadow and Colorstay Lipstick

Dove Shampoo/Conditioner

Dove Oil Body Wash Sale

Dove Oil Body Lotion Sale

Calgon Lotion Sale

Kotex Pantyliners

Mr. Clean Wipes

French's French Fried Onions

Almay eye make up remover

Starkist Creations

Bedazzle nail stickers

Cascadian Farms frozen organic veggies

Progresso Chicken Broth carton

Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal

Friday, October 17, 2008

Do you have an XBox 360 or Xbox 360 Elite System??

I just got an email from about The New Xbox Experience House Party:

Here's a party that lets you and your guests enjoy a new home theater experience that's faster, easier and cheaper than ever before.
Choose from thousands of movies &TV episodes, instantly available to you Thanks to Netflix, the world's largest online movie rental service, you'll be able to instantly watch movies & TV episodes on your TV via your Xbox 360. Within seconds, you'll create a home movie center where you, your friends and your family can enjoy countless hours of viewing entertainment.
Host The New Xbox Experience House Party and turn your living room- or any room- into a no-hassle home movie theater
Here's how this amazing party works
Use your Xbox 360 or Xbox 360 Elite System and your Netflix membership to create a movie night to remember. Netflix will stream the movie of your choice directly to your Xbox 360. There's no PC required for viewing.
Share the experience with your friends. They'll be blown away by how easy and hassle-free it is to transform any room into a screening room.
Enjoy fun-filled, movie-related video games on your Xbox 360
Receive a variety of FREE gifts- for you and your guests
Now there's a party!
Spaces are limited. Act now.
Don't miss out on sharing this entertainment breakthrough with your friends. They'll be buzzing about it for weeks to come. Apply NOW to host The New Xbox Experience House Party.

Walgreens Shopers $5 Coupon Friday 10/17 & Sat 10/18 ONLY!

Get your coupon HERE  $5 off $25 or more

I'm still waiting for my Walgreens to be built  - But I will be thinking of you guys getting all your free stuff with this coupon!

ACME 10/17 - 10/23

My mailman is still withholding my ACME ad till mail delivery on Friday. So I am doing a quick run down of it via the online ad.

If I spot anything different with a paper ad in hand I will do an update.

Meat 4 for $19.99 deal is back again, just remember to put it at the front of your order and tell the cashier you want that deal (or it will get messed up!)

$1 Bag sale

-Fresh Express Salad



-Cole Slaw




10 for $10 Nestle Flavored Milk . . . Use the .50 blinkie, doubled = FREE


*When you spend $300 between 10/17 - 11/20/08 you will earn a coupon for one of the following:TURKEY, ShadyBrook or Village Market, Grade A, Frozen, 10-24 lb. average -or-TURKEY BREAST, Grade A, Frozen, 4-7 lb. average -or-LASAGNA, Frozen, 96 oz., Family SizeSAVE 99¢ lb. ON ANY TURKEY

Don't forget to check your AVENU too! You never no when that will give you a hot deal for the day!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Do you need Coricidin?

If you do, then take your ACME ad to Target.

In this weeks ACME ad there is a manufacturers coupon for $5 off when you purchase any three products (Non Drwosy Claritin, Coricidin, or Afrin No Drip) any combination.

The Coricidin is on sale for $5.99 at ACME. But the regular price is $4.99 at Target.

Hubby needed this medication so I picked up 3 last night at Target. But the coupon doesn't expire till 10/31/08 so I will be watching for better deals too.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Genuardi's Ad 10/10 - 10/16/2008

48 Hour Sale Saturday and Sunday ONLY

1.99 93% Lean Ground Beef
.99 Tender Asparagus
2 for $3 Lucerne Shredded or Chunk Cheese
.99 Ken's Salad Dressing Limit 3

Super Coupons 10/10 - 10/16
2.99 Breyers Ice Cream
1.88 Town House Crackers
5.99 Folgers Coffee

Regular Ad
.99 Broccoli Crowns
1.49 lb Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
1.99 lb Pork Loin Chops

Daily Deli Specials $5 Services 3-4
Friday 10/10 Chicken Tenders
Monday 10/13 Pizza
Tuesday 10/14 Meatloaf
Wednesday 10/15 Whole Roasted Chicken
Thursday 10/16 East Coast Combo Sandwich

That's all I see

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Blog Contests! Win a Bissell and more!

How about winning a Bissell??? That's right! You can win a Bissell ProDry - retail value $199! ! ! Enter HERE

Also at Mom Dot Com
They are giving away this AWESOME Circle of Motherhood necklace - Value $120! ! Enter HERE

Check out the Pearl Girl Tags website too!

And Hand Made Showcase has a contest to win a $20 Gift Certificate to Flutterbee's Etsy Shop find out more and enter HERE

also at Hand Made Showcase there is a contest to win a $20 Gift Certificate from Moore Magnets How awesome are these paper doll magnets that kids can color in themselves???

Find out more and enter the contest HERE!

At A Tad Bit Prudish:
You can win one of two adorable scrapbook tins. These are made by Scrapbooking Made Simple.

Cheap Edy's (again), FREE Pop Tarts, Acme Ad 10/10/08 - 10/16/08

4 Day Sale 10/10/08 - 10/13/08

Acme Butter Sitcks 10 for $10
Birds Eye Box Sauce Vegetables 10 for $10
All You 10/08, blinkies, 9/7/08 SS
Celeste Pizza for One 10 for $10
Acme Vegetables 10 for $10
Kleenex Facial Tissues 10 for $10
tearpad, 10/5/08 SS

Regular Ad 10/10/08 - 10/16/08

4 packages of meat is back for $19.99 remember to put your meat on the belt first AND tell your cashier, or you may not get the right price!

Crest Toothpaste 10 for $10
Assorted . . . I think coupon from Giant PA booklet was $1 too, which would make it FREE
Hot Pockets 6 for $10 must buy 6 - use in ad couopn
assorted including 8/24/08 and 9/14/08 Red Plum
Maxwell House Coffee 5 for $10 must buy 5 - use in ad couopn
$1 Peelie
Dannon Yogurt 20 for $10
blinkies, 8/17/08 SS
Progresso Classic Soup 10 for $10
9/7/08 GM, 10/5/08 GM
Kellogg's 8 ct Pop Tarts 4 for $4 Must buy 4 - use in ad coupon
Shown in preview for this weekend Valassis .55 = FREE w/ doubling
Windex 2 for $5
$2 Printable = $.50 after coupon, .75 9/21/08 SS = $1 after doubled coupon
Edy's 3 for $10
$2 Avenue disocunt, limit 2 per vist = $1.33
Powerade and Powerade Zero 10 for $10
Glaceu Vitamin Water 10 for $10
In ad manufacturer coupon buy 10 get 5 Powerade / Powerade FREE
Propel 10 for $10
$.50 Tearpad =FREE after doubles
Fast Fixin Chicken Nuggest, Patties, Tenders 10 for $10
$1 Printable = FREE , $1 insert 4/6/08 = FREE, $1 August Redbook = FREE
Softsoap Liquid Soap 10 for $10
.35 insert 9/28/08 SS, .50 insert 9/14/08 SS = FREE after doubling
Gold Peak Tea or Fuze Beverage 10 for $10
assorted tearpads and blinkies

That is all I am spotting of any consequence - anyone else?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pssst Flaky Twists and Macaroni Grill

Recently General Mills has put a package of the New Romano's Macaroni Grill Creamy Basil Parmesan Chicken & Pasta in my mail box! All I need to do is add Chicken, butter and milk and a good part of a meal is taken care of.

It is also available in Garlic & Herb, Marsala with Linguine, and Alfredo with Linguine. Suggested retail price $4.79 But I can send you a coupon via Email!

I have also received coupons for Flaky Twists. New Pillsbury® Flaky Twists with Chocolate Icing conveniently helps moms make mornings even sweeter. The rich chocolate icing, warm flaky texture and aroma create an irresistible pull to the breakfast table. Simply twist, bake, and enjoy fresh-baked goodness straight from the oven. Enjoy those deliciously sweet family moments today! Suggeested retail price $2.99. But I can send you a coupon via Email!

To get your coupons emailed to you - Email me by Midnight Sunday October 12, 2008. My email address is DianeScraps @ Gmail DOT com (address typed out to prevent spam)

Interested in joining Psst? You can sign up at

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

ACME Report 10/7/08 Total Savings $125.96

I just made my first serious grocery shopping trip since last Thursday! wow! But I am pretty pleased with how it went


Hefty Kitchen Bags 80 count $11.99 (we needed them)
less $1 manufacturer coupon
Hefty Kitchen Bags cost $10.99
9 Pork Chops $7.54
less $3.00 Manager Coupon
Pork Chop cost $4.54
10 Green Giant Boxed Veggies @ 5 for $10 = $20
less ACME Green Giant coupon -$5
less 5 $.50/ 2 insert Green Giant coupon -$2.50
ACME doubling Manufacturer coupons -$2.50
less $5 instant pink savings -$5

Green Giant Boxed Veggies cost $5.00 or $.50 each
6 Green Giant Steamers @ 3 for $5 = $10
messed this up, only got 6, should have gotten 10 - arg!
less 6 manufacturer coupons = -$6.00
Green Giant Steamers cost $4.oo or $.67 each
SHOULD have been cost cost $1.70 or $.17 each :-(
1 1% Milk $3.44
less $4.50 coupon from last weeks cereal deal
OVERAGE on milk $1.06
1 White bread $1.79
1 Wheat Bread $2.00
1 Swiss Lemonade $1.89
less $.50 peelie (note peelie was expired, but this store has some coupon issues and I wanted it brought to their attention that new product on the shelves had expired peelies on it, they told me they would honor it, I didn't ask to have it honored, just wanted them to be aware)
ACME doubling Manufacturer coupons -$.50
cost for Lemonade $.89

2 Acme 1/2 Gallon Tea @ $1 = $2
10 Progresso Canned Soup @ $2 = $20
less ACME Progresso coupon -$5
less 2 $1 printable Progesso coupons -$2
less 1 $1 insert Progesso coupon -$1
less $5 instant pink savings -$5
cost for soup $7 or $.70 per can
10 Betty Crocker Warm Delights @ $1.59 = $15.90
less $5 instant pink savings -$5
less 10 $.50 insert Betty Crocker coupons -$5.00
ACME doubling Manufacturer coupons -$5.00
cost for Warm Delights $.90 or $.09 each
1 Robitussin (clearance but expires 10/09) $1
Less $.50 insert Robitussin coupon -$.50
ACME doubling Manufacturer coupons -$.50
additional discounts
less $2.50 off $30 purchase Giant Coupon
less $5.00 Glade Manufacturer OYNO from Kmart
less 10 $2 OYNO Glade coupons from Giant

Today's total savings $125.96

Out of pocket $3.49

Received the following catalinas:
$.10 off per gallon of gas at Exxon (btw there is an Exxon with AWESOME prices on Germantown in East Norriton, if you have a reason to be down that way, I am trying to make one up, I believe it was $3.13 there today)
General Mills Dollar Days entry for Box Tops
$1 off 2 cans Campbells's Select Harvest Soup
2 $1 off OYNO from General Mills

I'm Back! Couple of quick couponer things to do!

I admit I had a great time away scrapbooking, even though I came home to sleep it was still the most away I have been from the family since we moved our daughters into our home, as foster children, in 2005! I am telling you this Mommy needed a break!

Other then picking up my newspapers at Dollar Tree, I have done nothing coupon related this week, even ran through ACME tonight for a quick dinner without coupons.

So what I am going to toss out here is a quick run down of what I see as some quick, current couponer 'to do' items.

First, clean out your coupon organizer. A TON of coupons expired 9/31 through 10/5. And unless you are one of those lucky people who lives in an area that accepts expired coupons, it is time to move on. There are some military programs that accept these coupons, so you may want to consider contacting them. (Coupons can be used on overseas military bases 6 months past the expiration date).

Many of the printable coupon sites reset on the first of the month. So now is the time to check them out. You may be able to print one or two more copies of a coupon that you LOVED, and you may find some new coupons too!
Sites to Check
Bricks Coupons
Betty Crocker
General Mills
Blue Bunny Ice Cream

Baking season (Thanksgiving through Christmas) is rapidly approaching. Now is a great time to sort through your baking items, weed out items that are expired, and make a checklist of items that you need for the holidays. While sales have changed over the years, this is the season for baking, and the stores know it too, so I will be watching for baking items to replenish my pantry.

While we morn the loss of the money making Glade Gel Warmer deal that seemed to appear everywhere (Acme, Giant, Some KMart, Jewel, etc etc etc) Keep your glade gel warmer REFILL coupons handy. I got a text message from my sister today that her Giant PA store shelf shows a $2 OYNO Catalina when you buy 2, and this deal goes into November. I don't think these are a money maker (or even a freebie) YET, but that is plenty of time for a sale to come in.

Just one more thing! While chatting with my friend Lori, over the weekend she mentioned that she is very good about clipping her coupons, and putting them in her little organizer bag, but she is very BAD about actually taking them to the store. She pretty much talked herself through the issue and decided to move her coupon storage with her grocery shopping list. Now Lori is by no means a power coupon shopper, but is doing her best to be a Savvy Shopper. So take a moment and review your grocery store shopping strategy. What are you falling short on? Taking the reusable bags to the store? (I now have my kids run them out to the car as soon as they are empty) Taking your coupons? Taking your list? Whatever it is, take a moment to see what you can do to possibly cut down on / eliminate that problem. You just may save your self some $$ and some sanity at the same time!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Updates, sorry not gonna happen till after my weekend

I did get to KMart and Giant PA today. I did do the Super Doubles at KMart, and I got more Glade at Giant (surprise?)

But my oldest dd managed to take up about 6 hours of my evening with her school project, due Friday, that she had been insisting she was working on, on her own (yeah, right!)

And I am working in the morning, and then off to Crop for a Cure - WOOT! So updates will be delayed.

Have a great weekend!Isn't this cute? Pretty much suits the coupon clipping scrapbook addict that I am. If interested you can find it HERE

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pottstown KMart DOUBLES! Up to

Pottstown KMart DOUBLES! Up to l.99 coupon value. Limit 4 of each coupon. Thru l0-4. Ask at Cust Serv!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Giant PA Printable Coupons Expire 10/18/08

$2 off $5 of produce

and $1 off Natures Promise Bread (no idea on shelf price)

AC Moore Rewards Card

Have you signed up for the AC Moore rewards card yet? Yes, I know it is another card to carry on your keychain.

BUT for each $1 spent you earn 1 point.

Transacations over $100 earn DOUBLE points.

Each time you earn 200 points you get a $10 reward certificate!

And, as I just found in my email box, they email you coupons!

Shopping Report 10/1/08

I am pledging to do a better job of reporting my purchases this month, the great deals, and all the rest too. Hopefully this will not only give me a better opportunity to review my spending, but give others some in site too.
but first . . . .
Glade Deal ending soon! 10/4/08! As I originally reported HERE buy a Glade scented gel warmer and get a $2 OYNO catalina. Today these are ringing up at $1 at Giant PA, $1.57 at Acme, $1.99 at Genuardis (didn't bother there). And there are B1G1 printable coupons at and HERE . I have had greatly enjoyed this catalina deal!

ok now back to the 'report'
First stop Genuardis

Admittedly, I haven't been in Genuardi's for awhile. But top on hubbies Christmas list was the Iron Man DVD, and though the ad lacks details, if you spend $40 on selected items you get the DVD for free.
Also note on the bottom of the Genuardis receipt there is a code for your school/ charity to receive 10%, you can enter it yourself, or give it to the schoool/charity to do. I entered mine and the school got $.29!

I got
3 Scrubbing Bubbles Flushable Wipes @ $3.29 = $9.87
6 Glade Plugs In Oil Warmers @ $5.79 = $34.74
Total $44.61 ( I should have only gotten 2 Scrubbing Bubbles)
Less Coupons
3 B1G1 Glade Plug Ins @ $5.49 = -$16.47
Scrubbing Bubbles @ $3.00 = -$3.00

Out of Pocket Cost $27.82 and I received a coupon for Free Iron Man DVD, which I promptly redeemed.

Savings at Genuardis $39,46

Next Stop Giant PA

This week my store has Triples up to $.99 face value, you need the coupons from the ad, I believe there are 5, but even they didn't get me too excited about deals.

I got:

1 Fiber One Chewy Bar @ $2.34
1 Nature Valley Granola Bar @ $2.33
8 Glade Gel Plug Ins @ $1.00 = $8.00

4 Glade B1G1 -$4.00
1 Nature Valley -$.50 (x3) = -$1.50
1 Fiber One -$.50 (x3) = -$1.50

Out of Pocket $6.16

Savings $12.27

Received $16 in OYNO Glade Catalinas

Last Stop


ACME has still has their confusing by $10 worth of select items and get an instant $3 off, but I did enough of that deal yesterday, didn't do any of it today.
But I did do the buy 5 boxes of select cereals for at 5 for $10 and get a coupon for a FREE gallon of milk.
2 Apple Cinnamon Cheerios @$2 = $4.00
2 Kix @ $2 = $4.00
1 Cheerios @ $2
1/2 pound Creta Bologna $2.85
1 Creta Meat coupon -$2
1 Cheerios Coupon $.55 (x2) -$1.10
2 Apple Cinnamon Cheerios @ $.75 (x2) -$3.00
2 Kix @ $.75 -$3.00
(all the cereal coupons are printables at
Out of pocket $3.75
Savings $17.11
and received coupon for free gallon of milk!
FYI my normal goal for cereal is under $.50 a box, I will give allowance for FREE milk though.
Today's out of pocket $29.37
Savings $68.84
And I still have $16 in OYNO catalinas and a coupon for a free gallon of milk

Attn KMart Shoppers

I have been down that our Kmart hasn't been participating in the double coupon deal. Each time I have heard about the deal, I have called the local stores and been told "no". One store had told me "yes" one time but after I loaded up my cart they told me it was a mistake and that they should not be offereing doubles, but did honor my order for that order only (which I really wasn't prepared for, more wanted to test the waters, so it wasn't that big of a order).

So today I called the local stores, and was again told no. I decided to go ahead and call corporate. After a lenghty hold I was told that all stores should be honoring the deal and that they would email my store manager.

Well the manager just called me back, and she said they WILL honor the double coupons Today 10/1/08 and Tomorrow 10/2/08.

So call your store and ask for a manager, if that doesn't work, call corporate.

BTW theses are 'super' doubles a $2 coupon is worth $4! ! ! Internet printables are not accepted. Maximum of 4 like coupons, total coupons, per customer, per day 75.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

ACME Shopping Report 9/30/08

The end of the month can be pretty depressing for couponers, when all those coupons expire. But I did my best to use a few before the clock struck 12 today.

Here is my summary
Trip #1
14 Packs Napkins
1 Zatarain Rice Mix
1 Motts Apple Juice
1 Sargento Cheese
1 Hillshire Lunchmeat
Out of Pocket $2.06 Savings $26.28

Trip #2
5 Packs Napkins
2 Dixie Paper Plates
6 Glade Air Freshner
1 2 liter coke
Out of Pocket $.71 Savings $24.21

Trip #3
4 Packs Napkins
2 Dixie Paper Plates
5 Glade Air Freshner
Out of Pocket $.65 Savings $23.32

Trip #4
7 Packs Napkins
9 Zatarain Rice Mix
3 Febreeze Air Freshner Starter Kits
2 Dixie Paper Plates
3 Shoulder Steaks (managers specials)
2 Gallons Tea
Out of Pocket $.55 Savings $69.55

Total Out of Pocket today $3.97 Savings $143.36

Coupons used
Glade $2 OYNO Catalinas
Glade b1g1 free warmer
Homelife $1 expired 9/30/08
Zatarian Rice $1.25 off 3
Dixie Paper Plates $1 off 2 (from the Giant 85th anniversary book)
Febreeze $5

Also I got my ACME Cash Rewards Point total up to $266.25 which will get me a $5 cash reward check in my mail sometime in October - WOOT!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

25 FREE Prints at Rite Aide

I have a scrapbook crop this weekend - so I am very excited to hear about this coupon

Print HERE

And take to your store for 25 free prints!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Warning! ACME buy l0.00 get

Warning! ACME buy l0.00 get 3.00 off instantly is not working in the register! Posting from my cell phone.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

K B Toys HOT Printable Coupnos Exp 9/28

KB Toys

$5 off any Toy purchase or $30 or more
Customer may combine with $5 off $30 toy purchase coupon so long as purchase requirements are met

$5 off one video game priced at $24.98 or more

In store valid 9/25/08 - 9/28/08

Printable is HERE
This is sooo gonna help with my Christmas shopping!

TY to Pearl2000 at Slick Deals!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Revising the way I shop a bit

Today we got the news at our house, that many have gotten across the country.

My husband is being laid off.

We are blessed in that we have advanced notice of this, his lay off date is 3/31/09.
Honestly, we have been through the layoff route before. He previously worked in the semiconducter and technology industry (in HR) , and they both when through company shut downs and layoffs. This time he is doing HR in the medical industry, and we had thought that was a bit more secure, but apparently not. The difference between this layout and previous ones: I am not working full time, we have 2 kids.

I know how to shop now, I know how to save, and I have a STOCKPILE! Oh and for the first time ever for us, we have already prepaid our home heating oil for the year.

I will definitely be rethinking some things though. Some deals I have done as nice extras, but still had an out of pocket cost. I had already told my family that all I wanted for Christmas was a freezer, this is going to become a mission for me now. Having an extra freezer would give me the ability to stockpile so much more food, and save more money. I would also really like to look into purchasing a 1/2 or 1/4 cow, having that in the freezer would make me very reassured.

And, as we are approaching tax season, I am considering getting a job processing income tax returns.

Anyone have any suggestions, been there and wish you had dones?

If you happen to know of an HR/Payroll job in Montgomery County or Northern Chester County PA, please contact me!

Keep watching, I will share how things go for us.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Shopping Report Friday 9/19 Acme

Thanks to Lisa's Bargain Alert I saw the heads up on Thursday that ACME is starting their own gas deal. Though this deal doesn't have me bouncing for joy because it is with Exxon and their are no reasonably priced Exxon stations in my town, but I will be on the road this weekend, so it may end up being beneficial.

The gas deal gives you a coupon for discount per gallon of gas, based on the total of your grocery bill. I was really curious to see how this would be affected by the use of coupons. So instead of doing smaller orders (which I normally do to make it easier for me to make sure that prices are ringing up right). BTW Coupons do not affect the printing of your gas coupon!

So here is the breakdown to earn gas coupons

Spend $50 get $.05 off per gallon
Spend $75 get $.10 off per gallon
Spend $100 get $.15 off per gallon
Spend $125 get $.20 off per gallon
Spend $150 get $.25 off per gallon
Spend $175 get $.30 off per gallon
Spend $200 get $.35 off per gallon

and you can use 2 coupons at one time, on up to 15 gallons

And here is my ACME purchase for today

8 boxes Homelife Facial Tissues @ $.89 each =$7.12
10 packages Homelife Napkins @ $1 each = $10
2 Homelife Paper Plate Packs @ $1.50 = $3
3 Acme Cooking Spray @ $2.49 each = $7.47
8 Progresso Lite Microwaveable soup B1G1 @ $2.49 = 9.96
3 Chex Mix Cereal Bars @ $2.50 = $7.50
2 Cheerios Snack Mix @ $2 = $4
3 Chex Mix @ $2 =$6
6 Powerade Zero @ $.79 = $4.74
11 Lipton Tea @ $1 = $11
1 Acme Sugar @ $2.49

Dollar Days Instant Savings = -$5
20 $1 Homelife coupons = -$20
Acme B1G2 Cooking Spray = -$4.98
11 Lipton Tea Coupons $.50, doubled = -$11
Acme Sugar Coupon = -$.61
3 Powerade $1 off 2 coupons = -$3
3 Chex Mix Cereal Bar Coupons @ $.50, doubled = -$3
2 Cheerios Snack Mix Coupons @ $.50, doubled = -$2
3 Chex Mix Coupons @ $.50, doubled = -$3
OYNO (Glade) Coupons = - $18

Out of Pocket $.42

$.10 off gas coupon
$4 OYNO Powerade Coupon

Deals to note
Green Highlights the Dollar Days Stock Up Sale - Spend $25 on participating General Mills products and get $5 off your order instantly.
Participating products:
General Mills Cereals 5 for $10
Pillsbury refrigerated cookie dough 2 for $5
Progresso Soup B1G1 (watch your tags on this, not all appear to be included)
Green Giant Valley Steamers 2 for $3
Green Giant Canned Veggies 10 for $10
Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks 3 for $5
Pop Secret 2 for $4
Romanos Macaroni Grill 2 for $7
Crescent Rolls 2 for $4
Chex Mix Bars 2 for $5
Chex Mix Some 2 for $5 some is 2 for $4
Cheerios Snack Mix 2 for $4
Progresso Bread Crumbs 2 for $5
Betty Crocker Frosting 3 for $5
Betty Crocker Cake Mix 4 for $5
Betty Crocker Muffin Mix 2 for $4
Betty Crocker Warm Delight Minis 2 for $4

Blue Highlights the Powerade Zero deal
this is a catalina deal, buy 6 Powerade Zero, on sale for $.79 and get $4 on your next order, there are tons of coupons out for this, and honestly even without coupons it's not a bad deal.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Contests - Check out the Blog Contests!

Pink Bow Bath Boutique (how cute a name is that!?!?!)

Pink Bow Bath Boutique is a Mom run store featuring Pampering Bath Products. They are giving away one 8 oz. Whipped Body Frosting in Pink Passion Sand Beaches HERE and also have a current coupon code MomDot15 and will give you 15% off! She will refund the 15% off to you via PayPal. This offer is valid until November 15th, 2008 and can not be combined with any other promotional offer.

I see lots of products that catch my eye, soaps, room fresheners, body spray and moisturizers. Don't forget the holidays are coming - these could make some awesome teachers gifts!

StudioCherie is giving away this really cool "change cube" diaper bag a $178 value!
You can find out the details and enter at: Hand Made Showcase Giveaways

Sew Gracious has an adorable shop of bags and the coolest wristlet key fob chains (ok I NEED one of these!) And they are also giving away this cool Halloween tote. Check out this contest at: Simply Sentimental

Coming in this weekends coupons ! Mail In Rebate for FREE

FREE Scrubbing Bubbles Action Cleanser

I just got this notice in an email from BzzAgent

Look for these coupons in this weekends paper:
I received the action scrubber for FREE as part of a BzzAgent campaign (I get to try products for free and tell my friends about it) But now it is even better, you can get it FREE, with a mail in rebate, too! And it works great! I love the larger grip it has on it too, it is much easier on my hands.
BTW - Take a moment and check out BzzAgent too - it's cool!

Today's Shopping Report

I normally do most of my shopping in the evening,
but today I had to take the kids to school (oldest had a study group), so while I was on the road I did some deals.

First ACME

6 Boxes of Homelife Facial Tissues @ $.89 each = 5.34
3 Pack Homelife Paper Plates $1.50 each = $4.50
2 Glade Air Fresheners @ $1.50 each = $3.00

Pre Coupon Total $12.84

Less 9 Homelife Coupons @ $1.00 = -$9.00

B1G1 Glade Coupon = -$1.50

$2 OYNO coupon from previous transaction = -$2.00

Out of Pocket Cost $.36
and I got 2 $2.00 OYNO coupons (from the Glade)

Next Rite Aid

I admit, I have NEVER done a Single Check Rebate (SCR) at Rite Aid. I hate rebates, I much prefer to get my deals 'up front', or at least with CVS's ECB system they printed right out after the order.

But CVS's deals have pretty much gone away, so I decided I needed to be more aware of some other deals.

Today I got:

1 Crest Whitening Expressions 6.0 oz $2.99

less $1.00 Manufacturer coupon (from the Giant 85th anniversary flyer) -$1.00

Out of Pocket $1.99

Single Check Rebate Amount $2.00, so I should end up ahead $.01, hopefully this will ease me into the Rite Aide SCR process

And lastly, for this morning, Giant PA

(my current favorite store)

Detail on coupons / deals found here

Care One Liquid Hand Soap $1.00 (free after coupon)

5 Fuze Tea @$1.00 = $5.00 less $4 OYNO coupon from Fuze = $1.00

Giant 3.5 Cat Food $2.39 less $1.00 companion coupon = $1.39

Pure Power Dishwasher Tablets $2.29 less $2 Pure Power Coupon = $.29

Nature Valley Mac & Cheese $1.25 less $1 Nature Valley Coupon = $.25

Guaranteed Value Green Beans $1.09 less $1 Guaranteed Value Coupon = $.09

Green Giant Broccoli Steamer $1 less $1 Manufacturer Coupon = FREE

Giant Ground Beef (managers special) $8.04 less $1 Giant Coupon = $7.04

14 Glade Plug in Fresheners @$1, less 1 B1G1 coupon = $13

Less Another $16 in OYNO coupons (Glade)

Out of Pocket $8.25 (was hoping this would be a little less, I had a $2.50 off $30 purchase coupon, but this cashier took that as $30 after coupon, but I have had different people take it different ways)

And I got $28 worth of Glade OYNO coupons

$4 worth of Fuze OYNO coupons!

btw - I still didn't clear the shelf of the Glade and they keep restocking them!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Giant PA! Rocking Deals!

Admittedly if you look at the Giant PA ad, it's pretty dull. And for those of us without gas stations at our store, it outright sucks.

BUT There are several deals at Giant PA to be had right now - that are worth the trip!

First Remember last weeks HOT Giant Deal - the Glade Warmers?
Well it got HOTTER! Those same warmers are on sale 10 for $10 and still printing $2 OYNO Catalinas.
Coupons can still be found: Coupons can be found 8/3/08 Smart Source, 8/24/08 Smart Source, Oct 2008 Womans Day, Peelies, and more.
Update thanks to SaraW at CouponersWanted PRINT your B1G1 coupons for these and do even better!

Next look at your Giant PA store for this coupon book:

Second check and make sure that the coupons are not already cut out of yours - I am not kidding here, someone had cut tons of coupons out of them at my local store, but then put them back with some of the coupons left intact.
This book contains coupons for:
$1 off 3 Kleenex Facial Tissue
$1 off any size Mach 3 disposable razors
$1 on any Pantene Shampoo or Conditioner 25.4 oz
$1 any size Crest Toothpaste
$1 on any one DanActive 4 pack or 8 pack
Free Giant Pie Crust when you buy any one 14 oz can Reddi Wip
$2 off any 3 Ice Cream or Dairy Products Kemps Greens Hagan (though honestly I cut through this coupon for the next coupon on the reverse side of it)
$1 off any Guaranteed Value Product
$1 off Any Giant Brand Product
$2 off Any Pure Power Product
$1 Off Any CareOne Health or Beauty Product
$1 off Any Nature's Promise Product
$1 off any Companion or Pet Product
$1 off any one Suave Professional Shampoo, Conditioner or Styling Aid
$1 on any one Slim Fast Optima Ready to Drink Shakes
$1 on Wisk 2x or 4x concentrate laundry detergent
Receive a Free Axe Bullet Body Spray When you purchase any 3 Axe Anti-perspirant/ deodorants or body sprays
$1 on any Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Bath Tissue
$1 off one 8 roll package of Brawny Paper Towels
$1 off any two Dixie Ultra Paper Plates, Bowls, or Napkins

Breakdown of what I see as HOT in these coupons right now, these coupons are one per customer, so do them in separate trips, but it is worth it:
$1 off any Guaranteed Value Product
This includes 39 Gallon Trash Bags $1.25 = $.25, also look for canned veggies, salad dressing, ice cream, dog and cat food, paper plates and cups, etc

$1 off Any Giant Brand Product
Look for these all over the store. Giant brand bread is on sale for $1 = FREE, Matches $1.14 = $.14, 6 pack water $1.59 = $.59
$2 off Any Pure Power Product
This includes Furniture wipes $2.09 = $.09, paper towels, bleach, laundry detergent, cleaning products
$1 Off Any CareOne Health or Beauty Product
This includes Cosmetic Wedges - on sale for $1.50 = $.50, Liquid Hand Soap on sale for $1= FREE, also look for band aids, antiseptic products, antacids, tampons, toothpaste, toothbrushes, eye drops, pain meds, cough drops, etc
$1 off Any Nature's Promise Product
This includes Boxed Mac & Cheese $1.25 = $.25, Sunflower Butter $1.99 = $.99, also look for meats, ice cream, frozen veggies, cereals, granola, soup, eggs, etc
$1 off any Companion or Pet Product
Check your pet isle, I picked up cat food for $2.39 or $1.39 after coupon