Saturday, November 22, 2008

Limited Too - awesome online deal!

OK here are the steps you need to take

Log into your ebates account.

Don't have one - click here:

and create an ebates account.

Select your store as Limited Too, Pick the take 30% off coupon, Ebates will apply the code and send you to the Limited Too site.

Now 30% off is nice, but what makes this deal HOT is everything on the site is Buy One Get One FREE!
Orders over $75, after discounts - $5 Shipping!

Ebates will give you 4% back too!
If this is your first time using ebates, and you use the button I have above, Ebates will credit you an additional $5!
So I was able to do quite a bit of Christmas shopping for my daughters. Check out some of my items:

Leggings - Regular price $26.50, sale price $19.99, with the B1G1 and the 30% off $6.99 a pair!!!

I just love this penguin shirt! $24.50 with the B1G1 and the 30% off $8.58 each!

Oh, and Limited Too has Webkinz too!
And I didn't have to fight the crowds, it will be delivered to my door!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Superfresh TRIPLES! 11/21 -11/27/2008

And I thought this was going to be a dull week! We've got Triples at Superfresh!

Apparently not all stores are having them, so check your store

Quick look of what I see in the ad:

Swanson Broth 14 oz cans 5 for $3

College Inn Broth 32 oz 2 for $4

Hot Pockets/ Lean Pockets 5 for $10

Assorted Kellogg's Cereals $2.79

Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce 10 for $10

Superpretzel Soft Pretzels 1/2 price

Maxwell House Coffee 1/2 price

Birds Eye Frozen Boxed Veggies, in sauce $.69

Herbal or Green Lipton Tea 2 for $4

Now I've gotta clip some coupons!

It's cold, it's dreary, but I've got BATTERIES!

I admit I have been pretty down on CVS, 'cause the deals have sucked. But the current Duracell Battery deal is SWEET!
Buy $20 of Duracell batteries and get $15 in ECB - that alone is great . . . .But!
This past weekends inserts, and today's Philadelphia Daily News (see pic) have $1.50 coupons off Duracell batteries . . . . But there's more!
In CVS stores you can find tearpads for $5 off 2 packs of Duracell batteries, and they are Store coupons, so you can use them with the manufacturers coupons.
And this means you are getting PAID to stock up on batteries! And we all now that this time of year we ALWAYS need lots of batteries!
Other deals to check out while you are at CVS are the Glade and Crest deals. Roll those ECBs, and more deals are coming for Thanksgiving/Black Friday!
BTW - one of the local couponers secrets is the Philadelphia Daily News. Each Thursday they have coupons. Now there aren't usually as many coupons as we see in the Sunday Philadelphia Inquirer. BUT the Daily News only costs $.75 ! And it is worth checking when there are good coupons (and you were too sick to make it to the Dollar Store on Sunday before they got cleaned out of papers). In the case of today's Philadelphia Daily News, it has a nice selection of this past weekends coupons, and it includes the $1.50 Duracell coupon, with that one coupon you are ahead!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Genuardis 11/14/08-11/20/08

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Only 
Starbucks Coffee  $5.99, limit 5 (tearpads, blinkies)
Nabisco Snack Crackers $1.88 limit 4  (printable
Progresso Soup  $.79  limit 8 (printable , 10/26 & 11/9 inserts)

Regular ad
Butterball Turkey $.69 / pound
1 pound Safeway brown or powdered sugar $.99

That's all I see folks, unfortunately another week I probably won't even walk through the doors at Genuardis

ACME 11/14 - 11/20

4 Days only Friday 11/14 - Sunday 11/17
Nestle Morsels 3 for $7 (Printable, assorted blinkies and 11/2 insert coupons)
Domino Sugar 5 lbs   $1.99  (10/12 insert and All You Magazine coupons)
Acme Vegetable Oil   128 fl oz   $5.99
Acme Cooking Spray Buy 1 get 2 Free (with in ad coupon)

Regular ad:
Pepsi products 2 lieters $.79
Pilsbury Cake Mix $.49 MUST BUY 10! ! ! ! 
Minute Maid Fruit Drinks 10 for $10
Cento Wine Vinegar 10 for $10
Nesquick Single Serve 10 for $10 (FREE after $.50 tearpad coupon)
Canation Evaporated Milk 10 for $10 
Campbell's Soup at Hand 10 for $10 (10/5 insert - they expire 11/16)
Birds Eye Steamfresh and Plain Poly Vegetables 10-16 oz., 10 for $10 (10/12 & 11/2 insert, blinkies)

Save $5 instantly when you buy 10 particpating products
Hungry Jack Pancake Mix $1.99 (11/9 insert, peelies)
Hungry Jack Syrup $2.99 (11/9 insert)
Pilsburry Premium Brownie Mix 3 for $5 (11/2 and 11/9 inserts)
Pilsbury Frosting 3 for $5 (11/2 and 11/9 inserts)
Pilsbury All Purpose Flour 2 for $4
Jif Peanut Butter Creamy 2 for $7 (10/19  & 11.9 inserts)
12 oz Smuckers Preserves 2 for $4
Crisco Begetable, Canola, or Natural blen oil $3.99 (11/9 insert)
Crisco Cooking Spray 2 for $5 (11/9 insert)
Crisco Shortening Sticks $2.99 (11/9 insert)
Eagle Brand Swetened Condensed Milk 2 for $5  (11/9 insert)

And this weeks Milk / Cereal Deal
 . . . especially good for homes going through a lot of milk!
Free Gallon of Milk at the checkout (not an OYNO coupon) when you buy any FOUR participating Kellogg's Cereals and /or Cereals Straws
Kellogg's Cereal on sale 2 for $6 includes:
12.2oz Apple Jacks
12.5 oz Corn Pops
12.2 oz Froot Loops
16-18 oz Bite Size Mini Wheats (Printable
10.5 oz Rice Krispies w/ Strawberry (Printable
8.8 oz Straws
AND get a free Kellogg Bowl with purchase of any TWO Kellogg's Cereals

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Current ACME deal - Stocking Stuffers and Christmas gifts?

I am behind on posting anything about the current ACME ad, mostly because it hasn't been working for me the way it suppossed to. And I HATE the idea of telling someone about a hot deal and then having it not work.

But let's take a look at the GM deal:

Get $15 OYNO coupon and Free Milk wyb any 10 Participating General Mills Breakfast products. FYI the milk coupon is for $4.50 off (it will take the full $4.50 off)
Participating products include: All General Mills cereals, Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, Nature Valley Granola Bars, Milk & Cereal Bars, Fiber One Chewy Bars, Fiber One Toaster, Caribou Coffee Bars, Chex Mix Bars, Curves Chewy Bars

Cereals on sale 2 for $6 include:
Original Cheerios 8.9oz
Honey Nut Cheerios 12.2oz
Lucky charms 11.5oz
Reese’s Puffs 13oz
Trix 10.7oz
Golden Grahams 12oz
Cinnamon Toast Crunch 12.8oz
Cocoa Puffs 11.8oz
Cocoa Puffs Combos 11.7oz

Fruit Snacks & Bars 2 for $6
Fiber One Toaster Pastries $2.49 each

Now, you are probably saying, but you got all that cereal last week, why is this even something to give a second look? Well, last weeks deal was pretty much just on the Chex, this week is all the GM cereals AND it adds in the Fruit Snacks.

In my house fruit snacks are a treat, a rare treat (we really try and focus more on fresh veggies, fresh fruits, cheese and yogurt). But my girls love them, my friends kids love them, and they are perfect for having in the purse/car for the on the go longer then you thought you would be treat, or for the movies.

Also, Christmas is coming. Instead of stuffing the stocking with things that get broken, or breaking the bank, how about throwing in some of your childs favorite fruit snacks? I picked up some yesterday that were Sipderman and Tonka Trucks- how cool!

And don't forget, use your coupons!

Next deal
Get $10 OYNO wyb $20 in participating products
Healthy Choice Entrees: 4 for $12
Marie Callender Entrees: 4 for $12
Healthy Choice Soups: 3 for $5
Healthy Choice Simple Selections: 5 for $10
Ro-tel Tomatoes: 4 for $5
Hunts Manwich: 4 for $5
Chef Boyardee Canned Pasta: 4 for $5
Hunts Pasta Sauce: 4 for $5
Banquet Value Menu Entres: 4 for $5
Swiss Miss Cocoa: $10 for $10
Hunts Snack Pudding: 10 for $10

Hunts Stewed and Diced Tomatoes: 10 for $10
Crunch & Munch Caramel Corn: 10 for $10
Egg Beaters: 2 for $5
Pam Cooking Spray: 2 for $5
Peter Pan Peanut Butter: 2 for $5
Wesson Oil: $3.99
Orville Redenbacher Microwave Popcorn: BOGO at $3.39
Parkay Squeeze Margarine: $1.79
Reddi Wip Aerosol Topping: 2 for $4
Flesichmann’s Margarine Quarters or Soft: 2 for $4

Now, history, would have us know that this deal should work off of shelf prices. I have to admidt though, I have tried it 3 times, and it has only worked once. So if you are going to do it off shelf prices, be sure to read up at Hot Coupon World, for the latest on what is working and what isn't.

I have bolded the Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate, the Hunts Snack Pudding and the Orville Redenbacher Microwave Popcorn, because these are all great for stocking stuffers, and the hot chocolate and popcorn are also great for holiday gift basket giving! Have some hot chocolate, box of popcorn, and a movie or blockbuster gift card and you have a really nice gift! Pick up some cute holiday mugs (at our favorite Dollar Tree!) and you have an even better gift!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

ACME Wrap Up through Thursday 11/6/08

The rest of my tally for this HOT week

Items that are part of the HOT Buy $30 get $15 deal:
9 Skippy Peanut Butter
6 Totino Pizza Rolls
8 Green Giant Veggies
1 Lipton Ice Tea to go
4 All Small & Mighty
8 PIllsbury Dinner Rolls
4 Green Giant Pasta accent veggies
3 Betty Crocker Box Potatoes
6 Assorted Klondike Boxes (hubby LOVES the Triple Chocolate)
12 Lipton Side
3 Betty Crocker Frosting
6 Chicken Helper
3 Hamburger Helper
28 Chex
8 Cheerios
4 Ragu
2 Bisuick
1 Hellmann Mayo, Light
3 Progresso Broth
6 Betty Crocker Cookie Mix

Other items we needed for the house or had coupons for:
1.68 lb Banana
2 Bags Salad Mix
1 Lb sliced cheese
18 Dasani Plus Waters
5 Dannon Frusion Smoothies
1 Salt
2 Gallon Tea
1 2 Liter Pepsi
2 bags cat food
1 bag candy corn
1 Powerade Zero
4.6 Lb Chicken legs
4 packs gum

Out of Pocket $65.99
Savings 458.40
and I walked out of this deal with $30 in OYNO catalinas
5 Free bread coupons
and a Free Turkey

Somewhat sadly, this deal is over now, time to reviews the ads and message boards to formulate plans for the next deals.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

ACME Report for this week . . . so far

I have been totally loving ACME this week!

I have done 3 orders, I have spent $51 out of pocket and I have $30 in OYNO catalinas (so as far as I am concerned that puts me at $21) And this is what I have gotten

Items that are part of the HOT Buy $30 get $15 deal:
9 Skippy Peanut Butter
6 Totino Pizza Rolls
4 Green Giant Veggies
1 Lipton Ice Tea to go
10 Knorr Sides
1 Hellmann Mayo, Light
3 Progresso Broth
6 Betty Crocker Cookie Mix
3 Chicken Helper
3 Hamburger Helper

Other items we needed for the house or had coupons for:
1.68 lb Banana
2 Bags Salad Mix
1 Lb sliced cheese
18 Dasani Plus Waters
5 Dannon Frusion Smoothies
1 Salt
2 Gallon Tea
1 2 Liter Pepsi
2 bags cat food
1 bag candy corn

Remember this OYNO deal at ACME is based on the SHELF price NOT the sale price, that means you get $30 worth of shelf price items to get your $15 OYNO coupons . . . and you are paying sale prices, add in coupons and WOOWOOWOWOWOWO

Items included in the sale:

6 for $10
Progresso Broths Beef, Chicken, and Reduced Sodium Chicken, 32oz
Wishbone Salad Dressing 16oz or Spritzers 7oz, select varieties
Knorr Veggie Sides, 4.3-5.4oz, select varieties
Suave Kids Shampoo or Conditioner, 10.5-12oz, select varieties
Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper, 5.2-9.2oz, select varieties
Bisquick Shake N Pour, 10.6oz
Progresso Traditonal Soups 18.5-19oz, select varieties
Suave Professional, 14.5oz, select varieties
Betty Crocker Cookie Mix, 17.5oz
Ragu Pasta Sauce jar OR pouch, 13.5-26oz
Betty Crocker family brownie mix 18.3-20.5 oz, select varieties
Betty Crocker frosting, 12-16oz, select varieties
Suave Hair Products, 5.24-8.5oz, select varieties

10 for $10
Betty Crocker cake mix, 18-21.5 oz, select varieties
Ben&Jerry's ice cream cups, 3.6oz
Betty Crocker Specialty Potatoes, 4.5-7.2oz, select varieties
Green Giant (frozen) veggies, 7.5-12oz, select varieties
Lipton Side Dishes (the Knorr ones), 4.1-5.7oz, Noodles or Rice, select varieties
Lipton dry soup mix, 1.8-2.2oz, select varieties

4 for $10
Hellmann's Mayo, 24-30oz, select varieties
Pillsbury refrigerated ready to bake or chub cookie dough, 16-16.5oz, select varieties
PopSecret micro popcorn, 8.7-10.5, select varieties
Vaseline Intensive Care lotion, 3.1-10oz, select varieties
Suave hand or body lotion, 18oz, select varieties
Chex Mix Select and 100 Calories, 4.2-8oz, select varieties
Skippy peanut butter 15-16.3oz, select varieties
Gold Medal flour, 5 lb, sleect varieties
Country Crock spread, 45-48oz, select varieties
Degree or Dove solid deo or antiperspirant, 2.6oz, select varieties
Qtip Valu Pack cotton swabs,
500ctChex Mix and Bugles, 7.5-8.75oz, select varieties
Dove bar soap, 8.5oz, select varieties
Trix MultiPack Yogurts, Yoplait Kids Drinkables or Go-Gurt, 18-24oz
General Mills cereals: Trix 10.7oz, Golden Grahams 12oz, Cheerios 8.9oz, Rice Chex 12.8oz, Wheat Chex 14oz, Corn Chex 14oz, Multibran Chex 14oz
Lipton Tea-to-go, .4-.6oz
Lipton Pyramid Teas, 20ct, select varieties
Lipton tea bags, 100ctLipton Pyramid Gourmet Tea, 18-20ct, select varieties

3 for $10
all small and mighty or 2X, 26-32 loads/32-50oz, select varieties
Breyers ice cream, 48 oz, select varieties
Totino's Pizza Rolls, 17-19.8oz, select varieties
Dove shampoo or conditioner, 12oz, select varieties
Klondike ice cream novelties, 16-27oz, select varieties
SlimFast snack vars, 4.65-7.19oz, select varieties
Pillsbury Dinner Rolls and Biscuits (frozen), 12.4-25oz, select varieties

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's Election Day!

It's Election Day!   Time to vote!Not sure where you vote?  Click Here

Send all your friends an Ecard and remind them to vote

AFTER you've voted you can check out these deals:

California Tortilla 

Free Starbucks:

Eat N' Park   Free Coffee

Free Ben & Jerry's:

Free Krispy Creme:

$20 off order of $80 or More   Code BHELECTION
(Use Ebates and get an extra 3% - not an Ebates member - Click HERE! )

Adult ONLY  -   Only in NY and Seattle