Friday, August 7, 2009

ACME Savings 8/5-8/6

The sale actually lasted a week, but my life just didn't permit me the chance to get there.

So here is a quick summary of how I did

Spent out of pocket: 23.54
Saved: 394.38
On your next order Catalinas still to be used $65

So bascially right now I am sitting at a profit of $41.46

What I got:
10 Breyers Ice Cream
6 Klondike Ice Cream
11 Salad Dressing
13 Pasta Sides
1 Cereal Bar
14 Brownie Mix
6 Hellmann Mayo
12 Ragu
8 Dove Shampoo / Conditioner
8 Q Tips
1 pack hotdog rolls
17 Chex Mix
2 Cake Mix
2 Frosting

And I am missing a couple of receipts - I believe they were for 5 more Qips, 11 Skippy and 11 more Ragu

I had the pleasure of shopping with an awesome friend - and she actually took some pics of her haul:

Her pictures do not include 10 gallons of ice cream and 6 packs of Klondike bars
Her total spending $35.64, and she has $15 is coupons to use on another order.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

ever wonder what 2700 Qtips looked like? And they PAID me to take them! Gotta love ACME!

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