Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Superfresh Triples!

I really only go to Superfresh for triples, and I missed the last few triples sales due to life (and having kids home for the summer)

But today I loaded up the coupons and headed on over. I did 2 orders, my plan was to get my bonus bucks deals in my first order, and then use the bonus bucks to pay for the second order. The plan didn't work out though, because the catalina system was down at my store. They are suppossed to be mailing me the $13 worth of catalinas that didn't print.

First order:

Original Price Sale Price Less Coupon Tripled Cost

Thomas Mini Bagel 3.99 2.50 NA 2.50

Thomas Plain Bagel 3.99 2.50 NA 2.50

Thomas Wheat Bagel 3.99 2.50 NA 2.50

Chex Mix 2.69 1.50 -1.50 FREE

Tropicana Grape 2 Liter (x4) 1.79 (7.16) 1.25 (5.00) -4.50 .50

Lipton Tea 16 oz? (x4) 1.39 (5.56) 1.00 (4.00) -2.78 1.22

Kraft Dressing 16 oz (x5) 3.29 (16.75) 2.00 (10.00) -16.75 -6.75

Ritz Crackers (x3) 3.69 (11.07) 2.50 (7.50) -2.25 5.25

Gatorade 32 ox (x4) 1.69 (6.76) 1.00 (4.00) -3.60 .40

Jello (x12) .79 (9.48) .50 (6.00) -4.50 1.50

Kozy Shack Pudding 2.78 1.39 -1.05 .34

Lipton Tea Bags 1.19 1.19 -1.39 -.20

Total 75.41 48.08 -36.46 9.76

Notes, several things didn't work as they should have in this transaction, and figuring just what happened took me awhile even at home. I believe I ended up ahead 2.47 in the end though


Kraft Dressing - should have deducted 2.00 per bottle and not given overage, but the

register took off the regular price (put me ahead 6.75)

Lipton Tea 18 oz - I gave cashier 4 coupons, they took off 2 (put me behind -2.78)

Tropicana Grape 2L - I gave cashier 4 coupons, they took off 3 (put me behind -1.50)

Bonus Bucks deals items are color coded

For the Blue items the deal was spend $10 in selected breads, get $3 bonus bucks

For the Orange items the deal was spend $30 in selected Kraft, get $7 bonus bucks

and even though the ad doesn't state it, Superfresh bonus bucks deals are based on REGULAR not sale prices (be sure to check the regular prices in your store, the price scanner can be your best friend if you are cutting it close too!)

Ok order #2

Original Price Sale Price Less Coupon Tripled Cost

Eye Round Steak 4.89 3.89 NA 3.89

Lipton Tea 16 oz (x4) 1.39 (5.56) 1.00 (4.00) -5.56 -1.56

Tropicana 2L (x4) 1.79 (7.16) 1.25 (5.00) -6.00 -1.00

Gatorade 32 oz (x4) 1.69 (6.76) 1.00 (4.00) -3.60 .40

Healthy One Lunchmeant (x2) 1.99 (3.98) 1.99 (3.98) -4.24 -.26

Bounce Sheets (x4) 2.69 (10.76) 2.02 (8.08) -2.40 5.68

Total 39.11 28.95 -21.80 7.15

This order the only thing I think that came out weird was the Healthy One Lunchmeat discount, but certainly nothing as 'off' as the first order
Triples end Thursday night, so you still have time (not much) to see what you can do!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Birthday Food Goodies - Places to sign up for adults

It's my Birthday, and my email box is flooded with coupons! Here are some of the food goodies that you can sign up for so that you can have birthday coupons coming to you too!

Cold Stone Creamery has a Birthday Club

Sign up HERE and they will email you a coupon for a free Birthday Love It Size Signature Creation

Old Country Buffet has an EClub

Sign up HERE and they email you a coupon for one free buffet meal with purchase of one adult buffet meal

Fuddruckers has Fuddsclub

Sign up HERE and they email a coupon for a free shake with any speciality burger purchase

Applebees has a mailing list

Sign up HERE and they email a coupon for a free adult entree with purchase of an adult entree

Red Lobster Birthday Club

Sign up HERE for a birthday coupon

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hop on over to Blissfully Domestic to enter to win 1 of 2 copies of the White Trash Handbook!

“Somewhere there’s been a disconnect, where moms think they have to not just have it all, but do it all. You’re supposed to work an 8 hour day, keep a spotless house, bake cookies for the school bake sale, and hand make invitations for your child’s 3rd birthday bash, inviting 700 of your kid’s closest friends, dontcha know? The White Trash Mom Handbook teaches you not just how to fake it, but how to keep from losing your mind while doing so.”

So go there, leave a comment to enter (and if you have a blog, post about it on your blog for a second entry in the giveaway)
Thanks to Mindi from Moms Need to Know , for pointing this out

Monday, August 11, 2008

More Freebies!

My BFF is a HUGE fan of Sudoku, I am a huge fan of Time Management games, Well this deal is great for both of us, and more!

Choice of 4 BigFish Games FREE This is a Hallmark promotion, go:
and sign up, after signing up you will get a message that says:

Thank you for completing the registration process for your free game and discount coupon from Big Fish Games, Inc. Your game redemption codes and instructions will be emailed to the email account you provided. Please be sure to check this account. The subject of the e-mail will read: "Free game code from Hallmark/Big Fish Games."

Follow the directions carefully in the email and you not only get to choose one of four games for FREE, you can get a second one for 50% off (I had tried Hell's Kitchen a while ago and loved that, so I am pretty sure that will be my second one.

And . . .


But . . . we are not done yet. . . . Go HERE And you can purchase Azada for $.99 through August 15 . . . I am downloading that came now to try it out first.

Need more BigFish games? I have my own BigFish Page, Check it out
My Game Space Home Page

Not into PC games? That's ok, More freebies!

Free Pads! HERE

Not leaving out the men, free Men's Degree Deoderant HERE Click on the deoderant, and then Get a Free sample

Bill Gather's Homecoming Radio CD
HERE Click on Christmas in August
My parents are big fans, so this will be great to go with my Dad's Christmas gifts

Build A Bear HERE July 31 - Sept 1, stop in the store and get free stuff, new item each week, no purchase necessary

Also the summer may be over, but don't forget the FREE Family Movie Festival at Regal, free G & PG movies each Tuesday and Wednesday morning at 10AM, First-come, first-served. Check the schedule for a theater near you HERE Here is another tip, whenever I have taken the kids they have been handing out kid friendly freebies after the movie. We have gotten frisbees, free meal coupons at Chic Fil A, Money Holders (the waterproof kind that are perfect for beach, waterpark, etc)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

FREE Paintball

This deal was posted at SlickDeals, I don't play paintball, but my sister and her friends do and I have heard how quickly the expenses can add up!

First go here:: http://www.greatdayofplay.net/

Enter code: PBnsign up for the mailing list... and instantly get a email with a coupon for 1 free day of paintball including rental gun and mask and use of the field. Coupon can be used for 2 people for a 70$ value. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jdanjc6KguEthere is a link to a promo video.

Flyer:::::http://greatdayofplay.net/images/GDoP_flyer.jpgIf you have any questions, comments, concerns feel free to PM me or post here!!!front page worthy!

You can call 1-888-paintball to obtain the coupons as wellField paint only.

Paintballs must be purchased onsite.

Not valid with any other promotional offer.
Not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged coupons.
Certificate has no cash value.
User must adhere to all posted field rules.
Each player must purchase at least 500 paintballs to redeem offer.
A case of 2000 balls purchased onsite may be split among a maximum of 4 players.
All players must be at least 10 years old.
Players under 18 must be accompanied by a parent of have a signed waiver.
Reservations are highly recommended at Great Day of Play field listed. Call 888-paintball or participating gamefield for details.

Valid only for Open Games.

A bag of paint will cost between 10-15$ which for a day of paintball is still an amazing Deal!!!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Contests are great - Coupons contests are better!

Three contests to enter


Frugal Freelancer is giving away 5 coupon organizers. Check out the blog here .


Amanda from MySpot is giving away over 500 coupons and a orange tote
Check out the blog entry here


Keep the Kingdom First has a contest for you to share you coupon organization. . . though at the moment mine would be lack of organization! Check out the blog here

Why I Coupon, Donations!

There are plenty of reasons why I coupon. Biggest is saving money, I also find it fun and stress relieving. But the one I am focusing on today. Donations.

(Please ignore my husbands gaming stuff in the back, my stockpile shelving is near his gaming area)

This is most of what I sent for donation today. Roughly it included:
6 bath pouffs
4 Chapstick/lipbalms
9 Toothbrushes
7 Toothpastes
5 Vitatmin C
5 Bath Wash
3 Containers Peanuts
5 Mouthwash
3 Febreeze
4 2 Packs of Soap
10 packs baby wipes
18 Deoderant
4 Boxes Microwave Popcorn

My estimated retail value on this batch over $200

Before I stockpiled I still did donations, but I never could have afforded to send so much.

These items are going to be sent to soliders serving overseas. The organization in my area that does this is Keystone Soldiers

Here is a breakdown of their current wishlist, as of 7/12/08 :

*Sunscreen and insect repellent
Chap Stick with sunscreen, Carmex, Blistex
**Body wash mens and ladies
Shampoo - mens and ladies
*Foot Powder and foot cream for athlete's foot
Odor Eaters (for boots), Dr. Scholl's foot pads, blister pads
Hand Sanitizer - small size bottles to carry with them
Shave cream – non-aerosol only and good razors
*Cold drink mixes – Gatorade, Crystal Lite, Kool Aid or the individual flavor straws you add to bottled water
Ground Coffee (not instant)
*Power Bars, cereal bars, trail mix and healthy snacks
Ramen Noodle packs or instant cup-of-soup
*Slim Jims
*Beef or Turkey Jerky
*Microwave Popcorn
Granola Bars
Sunflower Seeds & Nuts
Individual snacks like chips, crackers, cookies, cheese/cracker kits
*Peanut Butter & Jelly – small size plastic jars please
Small sewing kits and manicure kits
Mens and Ladies underwear in sizes Small, Med, Large
New or used game systems like PS2 or Xbox
Video games for the systems above or small hand-held games
**CDs and DVDs - New or used are fine. Current releases are appreciated
Air fresheners, fly strips and room deodorizers - non aerosol
*AT&T Global Pre-Paid Calling Cards (available at Sam’s Club or www.aafes.com)
Money for shipping costs.
* = Items most needed or requested by the troops!

Our troops are working to protect us year round, if you are able, please support them year round!

Other places to consider for donations:
Food Pantry
Womens Shelter
Foster Care Agencies (many kids come into care with only the clothes on their backs)
Animal Shelters
Ronald McDonald House

Monday, August 4, 2008

Do the CVS Coupon Dance

Dance on over to I Heart CVS HERE

To find out the scoop on a $2 off $10 purchase CVS Printable! ! ! !

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Genuardi's Ad 8/3 - 8/10

Several deal really caught my eye in this ad!

First Buy 5 save $5. Buy any 5 participating Oscar Mayer items in a single transaction and recieve $5 back instantly with Club Card
Items included are:
$2.99 Oscar Mayer Deli Shaved Lunchmeat
2 for $5 Oscar Mayer Beef Franks *HOT*
$2.49 Oscar Mayer Beef Bologna Lunchmeat
$2.99 Oscar Mayer Maxed out Lunchables

This deal is especially hot because there are coupons out for FREE Oscar Mayer franks when you buy 3 Kraft products. These are found on tearpads at the stores, as well as in the current issue of All You Magazine.

My plan is for this deal is:
3 packs Oscar Mayer Beef Franks $7.50
2 packs Oscar Mayer Lunchmeat $4.98
7 Kool Aide or Jello

Less 3 FREE Oscar Mayer Beef Franks Coupon -$7.50
Less instant $5 off -$5.00
Pay for Kool Aide or Jello Only!

Other hot deals
Super Coupon** $.99 Motts Apple Juice
Super Coupon** $.99 Lucerne Large Eggs
Super Coupon** 6 for $3 Gatorade 32 oz (combine with $.30 off tearpads and these are FREE)

Oh and if you need Hot Dog Buns, they are on sale 4 for $5

** Super Coupons are 5 Days Only 8/3 - 8/7/08 and do require a $10 minimum purchase and are limited to one per customer

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Awesome Edys Ice Cream deal at ACME

ACME has the Edy's Ice Cream on sale B1G1 (buy one, get one FREE)

My ACME Avenu* is giving $2 off per container, limit 2 per visit.

The Edys frozen yogurt is included in the deal.

There is a $.50 off blinkie for Edys frozen yogurt

Tonight I got
1 container Edys Frozen Yogurt (Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl)
1 container Edys Double Chocolate Brownie

B1G1 cost $5.99
Less instant Avenue savings - $4.00
Less blinkie coupon -$.50
Subtotal $1.49
Tax $.54
Total $2.03

This deal seems to be coming around every 4-6 weeks, tastes great, not so good for my waistline though!

* Avenu is an ACME savings program
You can check your cards special offers by logging your ACME card number in at https://www.acmemarkets.com/eCommerceWeb/AvenuAction.do?action=dispLoginPage This site will then display special ACME deals for your card, the top section are you daily specials, the bottom section is the weekly specials.

I highly recommend that you check this daily, or at minimum before each trip to ACME, the Avenu savings can really add up!

Thrifty isn't always the grocery store and drug store

Recently I got a call from my Mom that she had spotted an item in a local thrift store that I might be interested in. She was right, a dining room set just about perfect, and only $200. The set included 6 chairs, table with 3 extra leaves, table pads and a hutch.

This deal alone had me pleased with the store, but on the way I spotted some kids bikes. We got both daughters new bikes, one was $15 and one was $20. The youngest daughter spent a good bit of time on her bike today. Though this bike was at the thrift store, is still had the manual attached and not a single scuff mark on the white tires. I did some internet searching and similar bikes (same brand) at WalMart.com and Amazon.com go from $75 to $160!

Here are some pictures of her riding this afternoon.

Photobucket Photobucket

Oh and by the way, the cute outfit she has on. . . .
$1 for the outfit, at the same thrift store!

Friday, August 1, 2008

ACME Cash Rewards Program

Check the bottom of your ACME receipts for your ACME Cash Rewards Points (my understanding is that this program is not available at every store)

You get a 'point' for each dollar spent, though it is including more then actual dollars, manufacturers coupons are getting added in to.

Spend $250 get $5 Cash Reward
Spend $350 get $10 Cash Reward
Spend $500 get $15 Cash Reward
Spend $750 get $25 Cash Reward

I was very excited yesterday to recieve a $10 Cash Reward from ACME (I had no clue about this program before then). Definitely something to keep an eye on towards the end of the month, a gallon of milk just might get you another $5 or $10 reward :-D

Jumping into blogging

I decided I want to join the pack, so I am jumping in with my savings blog.

I am in South Eastern PA and at this time the stores close to me are:
ACME https://www.acmemarkets.com (part of the Albertsons chain)
Genaurdis www.genuardis.com (part of the Safeway chain)
Giant PA www.giantpa.com
Amelias http://www.ameliasgroceryoutlet.com
Coming Soon . . . Wegmans http://www.wegmans.com/

CVS www.cvs.com
Rite Aid http://www.riteaid.com/
Coming Soon . . . . Walgreens http://www.walgreens.com/

Target www.target.com
Kohls http://www.kohls.com
Marshalls http://www.marshallsonline.com/
Staples www.staples.com

Message boards I frequent


Blogs I frequent


Other basics about me
I have been married for 14 years, we are parents to 2 AWESOME daughters. Our daughters are adopted, from foster care. We have 2 cats. I work part-time as a insurance auditor. My husband and I also own and run a LARP group.
We are located in South Eastern PA.

I love to use coupons, I love to get things for FREE, I love my stockpile, so this is my place to share it.