Sunday, January 4, 2009

Two Newspapers - Two Sets of Coupons? WHY?!??!

I've been telling everyone, if you are going to even try couponing as a way to save money in 2009, you NEED at least 2 sets of coupons this week.

Why 2 sets?  Why would I buy more then one paper?

The answer - there are 5 sets of coupon inserts this week, there are a TON of coupons for everything from Green Giant Steamer Veggies to Dishwasher Detergent.  If you ever want to see just what coupons are included each week (before the paper comes out) check out Taylortown Preview  the values of actual coupons, and the exact coupons do vary from paper to paper and in different areas, but you can get a pretty good idea of what to expect.

Ok, now I've got my papers, and my coupons, where do I  start?

Clip the coupons!   And organize them into what makes sense for you, like types of coupons together like soup, cereal, veggies, etc.   And then put them in an envelope or a zip lock bag AND put them in your purse /wallet.  (These clipped coupons do you no good if they are laying at home while you are at the grocery store.)

Ok, next get out your ACME ad, take a look at the back page.  It reads spend $30 on the great offers  and get $15 in coupons for your next order (OYNO).   But here is the thing with ACME  when it is a OYNO deal (not an instant savings deal) is that the register bases the $30 purchase amount on the shelf price - not the sale price (this however doesn't apply to pharmacy, health and beauty items  such as Prilosec, Nyquil, Always, those items will be based on the sale price).

"Diane, YOU ARE CRAZY - I Am Confused!"

It's OK - Take a deep breath, I went to the store today with the intention of doing the simplest order I could with just the coupons from this week and one internet printed coupon.  

So go to COUPONS.COM  and print out one coupon for Bisquick, mine printed for $1, some are printing for $.75, but it is still a good deal either way.

Now go to ACME. This is what you are shopping for:

3 boxes Honey Nut Cheerios  Regular Price $3.49, Sale Price $2,   Coupon $1 on 3
1 box Bisquick  Regular Price $4.29, Sale Price $2.50, Printed Coupon $1 (or $.75)
4 boxes Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks   Regular Price $2.50, Sale Price $2, 2 Coupons $.50 on 2 (which will double)
2 boxes Fiber One Cereal Bars  Regular Price $3.50, Sale Price $2, 2  Coupons $.50 on 1 (which will double)

The regular price total of this order :  $31.76

Price you pay after sales and coupons $14.50  (or $14.75)  and the catalina machine (awesome coupon machine at the register) will print out 3 $5 coupons totaling $15.00 - you are AHEAD! and walking out the door with groceries.

Apply those 3 $5 coupons to your next order (we call this 'rolling')   For my next order I did 2 bottles of Tide (I LOVE Tide in my HE washing machine)

Order looks like this:
2 bottles Tide,  Regular Price $15.49,  Sale Price $10.99, less 2 $1 coupons (previous weeks inserts), less the $15 coupons from my first order, out of pocket $5.28, AND I got another $15 worth of coupons!

Don't be afraid to take paper and a pencil, and even a small calculator to the store with you.

I want to hear how you do!

Ready for more possibilities?  Want to know how to apply this type of deal to a store near you?  Check out Couponers Wanted!


StaceyV said...

My trip to the Limerick Acme was frustrating. I have to go back tomorrow. I bought 9 boxes of Bisquick, 2 Cheerios Multi-Grain and 2 betty crocker muffin mixes. After coupon and a $5 catalina I paid $10 something. No catalina printed. I asked customer service and was told it's before coupons. I asked if that was a new policy, asked for them to double check. Same answer. I'll go back and get a better manager and hope I don't have to complain too much. So frustrating when it doesn't work out as expected.

Andi said...

Wow. THanks cool. I tried to print at but ran out of ink! ARGH!

DianeScraps said...

Wow, Stacey, that totally should have worked. Just the 9 boxes of Bisquick should have made it print. Might want to check your UPC codes against the list posted at Couponers Wanted

Unfortunately I not excessively impressed with managements knowledge of how the deals work at Limerick.

Don't be afraid to return the whole order (and make sure you get gift card credit for coupons and the $5 catalina!)

Oh and I wanted to remind everyone, Collegeville ACME does not take internet printed coupons, and their self checkout system is a real pain about scanning coupons. The attendant had to fold all my coupons in half and then we still had a fight to get it through.