Monday, June 8, 2009

Superfresh just gave me 5

Superfresh just gave me 5 dollars off my order for turning in my ACME card. Jokes on them though I gave them my extra card!


Anonymous said...

What in the world? Lol.

As if anyone couldn't go and get a new Acme card! Are they offering the promo just for Acme cards, or any competitor's cards?

No set amount to buy before getting the $5 bucks off?

DianeScraps said...

I was rolling when it happened - but was happy to get my $5 credit!

They said they would only take ACME cards. I specifically asked because I have a few other cards from stores I have shopped at while traveling, but they said no.

No set amount. In fact the order that I did it on I was afraid wouldn't even have a $5 charge. It was my second order, of things that I wanted more then 4 of during the triples sale.

StaceyV said...

The Trappe one offered me that a few weeks ago because of the Collegeville Acme closing. Of course I didn't have my key card with me and I wouldn't give up my actual one. I'll have to ask again if I go this weekend.

DianeScraps said...

OK, I was also at the Trappe store, so this may just be happening there

Anonymous said...

I guess they don't count on everyone who used to shop at the Collegeville Acme just going up the road to the Limerick one!

I haven't been to the Trappe SF in a few months. No really good deals as incentive to go there. They really need to clean up that store some. It just seems so depressing to shop there.