Wednesday, August 5, 2009

ever wonder what 2700 Qtips looked like? And they PAID me to take them! Gotta love ACME!

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K. Anne said...

I couldn't even find the aisle in Limerick where they are kept. Which aisle are they supposed to be in? We are using our last pack, so I need to get some.

Also, I was a pain in the butt during check out today. Yup, coupon issues. Apparently you and I are the ones who stick out when it comes to coupon issues. ROFL.

DianeScraps said...

I searched all over for them, they were on the floor, near the baby stuff.

Overall it was NOT my day for couponing! It was my first day to be able to try the sales. Here is a rundown of how the day went:

* I couldn't find my debit card (I had left if in my pants, after a run to pick up supper on Monday . . . tore apart the whole house looking for it)
* Took DDs to Sonic to get supper on the way to ACME because they were going out with my dad. Youngest DD put a hole in her cup and ended up wearing most of her drink. Then I couldn't go to ACME had to take her home to change.
* After getting youngest DD changed (and dropped off to my parents) I went back to ACME. My FIRST order didn't work. I took it out to the car to go over the UPC list (which I rarely actually print but did this time) Turns out the Cheese Ragu Sauce wasn't on the list. Take it into the store to ask to return and rering. Then end up miscounting on my replacement products (I caught it before it was rung up though - thankfully!)

I did do 3 more orders, but I checked and triple checked them first. It took me forever!

K. Anne said...

Sounds as though you did have a terrible time of it!

My DD did a deal on her own yesterday and she had a double order. It produced $30 in cats, but they ripped up $15 worth and said that they were only allowed to give out $15 per customer per transaction. If I had known this I would have helped her split her stuff into 2 orders. (She's at the age where I am trying to teach her how to shop and get the stuff she wants for very little OOP. So this was a definite learning experience for her.)

After that I ended up doing all single orders at self-check out instead of tying up the only open regular lane. They worked out fine and I got all my cats.

I wanted to get at least 2 of the Dove shampoos and 2 conditioners, but they never had any on the shelves when I went in. Makes me wish the Collegeville store was still open. Why? It would have given me another chance to find them.

I did mess up on a couple of orders and did not get cats for them. Missing one by pennies. Ouch. But overall we did well. Now I have food stuffs to share with my relatives, etc.

I am going to try one of the "double dip" deals this weekend. Well, that's if they have enough stock. It was rumored that the cat is to go until the 8th, and the $12/$30 until the 13th. We shall see. I am prepared to get just $12 back if it doesn't work out.

I need to get cutting upcs off of boxes of Pop-Tarts. I am sending in a rebate for me and for 2 other people. If I buy a cheap deal and there is a rebate thing on it, I try to figure out who in the family could use the cash and then tell them about it and send it in. All the kiddos in the family do not mind at all eating those pop-tarts! Lol.

The Kraft deal is going to be interesting. Hopefully the items will be on sale next week.

DianeScraps said...

I only found the Dove at the Phoenixville store, and it was shoved behind regular sized bottles.

I had heard about possible double dip issues, so I didn't even try it. Was kind of surprised because the current manager doesn't seem to do that kind of stuff, but I think the Mayo guys may have pushed that over the edge.

I really HATE rebates, so I will probably skip the Kelloggs deal.