Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Getting started - how about dollar doubles??

 That was the basic question posted by a facebook friend this morning, and I figured that since I took the time to answer, there was no reason to keep the answer trapped on facebook.

Dollar doubles are very, very rare in our area, sometimes Giant will do it, for like 4 coupons.

Personally when I coupon shop I find my best coupon deals at Acme ( I will post the 'prep' for the sale starting this Friday in a few minutes).  Good, non coupon, deals can be found at Aldi and Amelias (ok Amelias does take coupons for some brands, but I do well there with and without coupons). 

The thing is to get to know your stores coupon policies and learn prices so you know what a good deal is.  IE I don't pay over $.75 for a box of cereal, I don't pay for toothpaste, toothbrushes, razors, shampoo, conditioner, bodywash,  mustard, pudding. I pay pennies for things like canned vegitables, pasta sauce, ketchup, bisquick, soups, salad dressing, dry soup mix, cake frosting, cookie mix.

And even some bigger grocery items you can save a significant amount.  I have a preference for Tide laundry detergent ( I have not been happy with any other detergent in my HE washer), but I am certainly not paying a $15 shelf price for it, this week I got it for $4.99, and I have picked up 4 bottles (so far, I expect to get about 2-4 more, at this price)

There is a good "couponing for dummies"  here

You can also check blogs like:
Moms Need to Know is local to me - it's the first blog I go to

or message boards for local grocery stores:
Giant PA

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