Sunday, March 14, 2010

Due to abuse of the

Due to abuse of the sales, Genuardis in Royersford is now limiting customers to 18 of one type of item per customer.


K. Anne said...

Yikes. Did they say what people were doing?

DianeScraps said...

Not specifically, but she was very apologetic and really wanted to emphasize that it wasn't regular customers like me. I personally don't consider myself a regular customer, 'cause it has to be a really good sale for me to go to Genuardis.

But I have always had a good relationship with the cashiers (except the men old one). In fact when I went in on Friday the cashier made a point to tell me that their hours had changed (she knows me to be a night owl).

I got the impression it was another one of those groups that was completely wiping out everything on the shelf. Perhaps the same group that attacked the Mayo at Acme last year? I didn't see that one in action, but a friend did, literally buying hundreds of jars of mayo in one trip, and they were reported doing the same at Acme's all over our area.

K. Anne said...

I haven't really been shopping in months since my accident. Haven't been to Genuardi's since November I think.

Must be another one of those smaller stores buying out the bigger stores stocks to resell. At least that's what the mayo people were doing. I didn't get to see them either.

Some reports on HCW that people are doing the same thing again at Acme.

DianeScraps said...

I was back in the store tonight, the clerk again apologized and said that an employee at one of the local hotels has ruined in for everyone. I personally consider a limit of 18 per day very generous though, so I am ok with it