Saturday, November 22, 2008

Limited Too - awesome online deal!

OK here are the steps you need to take

Log into your ebates account.

Don't have one - click here:

and create an ebates account.

Select your store as Limited Too, Pick the take 30% off coupon, Ebates will apply the code and send you to the Limited Too site.

Now 30% off is nice, but what makes this deal HOT is everything on the site is Buy One Get One FREE!
Orders over $75, after discounts - $5 Shipping!

Ebates will give you 4% back too!
If this is your first time using ebates, and you use the button I have above, Ebates will credit you an additional $5!
So I was able to do quite a bit of Christmas shopping for my daughters. Check out some of my items:

Leggings - Regular price $26.50, sale price $19.99, with the B1G1 and the 30% off $6.99 a pair!!!

I just love this penguin shirt! $24.50 with the B1G1 and the 30% off $8.58 each!

Oh, and Limited Too has Webkinz too!
And I didn't have to fight the crowds, it will be delivered to my door!

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