Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's cold, it's dreary, but I've got BATTERIES!

I admit I have been pretty down on CVS, 'cause the deals have sucked. But the current Duracell Battery deal is SWEET!
Buy $20 of Duracell batteries and get $15 in ECB - that alone is great . . . .But!
This past weekends inserts, and today's Philadelphia Daily News (see pic) have $1.50 coupons off Duracell batteries . . . . But there's more!
In CVS stores you can find tearpads for $5 off 2 packs of Duracell batteries, and they are Store coupons, so you can use them with the manufacturers coupons.
And this means you are getting PAID to stock up on batteries! And we all now that this time of year we ALWAYS need lots of batteries!
Other deals to check out while you are at CVS are the Glade and Crest deals. Roll those ECBs, and more deals are coming for Thanksgiving/Black Friday!
BTW - one of the local couponers secrets is the Philadelphia Daily News. Each Thursday they have coupons. Now there aren't usually as many coupons as we see in the Sunday Philadelphia Inquirer. BUT the Daily News only costs $.75 ! And it is worth checking when there are good coupons (and you were too sick to make it to the Dollar Store on Sunday before they got cleaned out of papers). In the case of today's Philadelphia Daily News, it has a nice selection of this past weekends coupons, and it includes the $1.50 Duracell coupon, with that one coupon you are ahead!

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