Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Amelia's Grocery Outlet

Are you located near one of these towns? Allentown, Coatesville, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Manheim, New Holland, Pottsville, Reading, Roherstown, Royersford or Woodlyn

If you are you really need to check Amelia's Grocery Outlet.

I have been singing the praises of Amelia's for at least 3 years (if you google it the third entry is a post of mine from 2006). At that time I estimated I did 75% of my shopping at Amelia's. Admittedly I don't do that much there now, but I didn't have an ACME then.

Amelia's is a grocery OUTLET, their selection does vary, and somethings you will only see in the store once. (Don't remind me of the day I saw a TON of jet dry for $.69 and didn't have my coupons with me, of course it was gone the next day)

With regards to coupons, they do accept coupons, but do to manufacturer restrictions they have a list posted in the store of manufacturers that they can not accept coupons from. (Mostly it is the big name cereal companies, except Quaker) But honestly even though their shelf prices of cereals are better then you would see at the grocery store, they don't beat the grocery store sales combined with double coupons.

Also some products on Amelia's shelves are expired. Please note though that expiration dates on many foods are Sell By dates, not use by dates, just use common sense on how long things are good for.

Take a look at the current Amelia's sale circular:
Page 1 Page 2
Amelia's circulars change weekly, and you can have the circular delivered to you email box
Look for the red box on THIS page to sign up.

What other types of products can you expect to find at Amelia's? Check this list out:

Manufacturer: Brands Produced:
Breyers Breyers Yogurt, Breyers Ice Cream
Campbell's Franco American, Prego
Coca-Cola Minute Maid, Hi-C
Con Agra Banquet, Healthy Choice, Chef Boy Ardee, Hunt, Wesson
Dannon Dannon Yogurt
General Mills Betty Crocker, Yoplait, Columbo, Gold Medal, Green Giant
Giorgio Foods Giorgio
Hanover Canned Vegetables, Sauces
Heinz Ore-Ida, Weight Watchers, Bagel Bites
Hershey Hershey
Hunt-Wesson Van Camps, Orville Reddenbacher
Keebler Sunshine
Kellogg's Kellogg's, Kashi
Kraft Foods Post, Jell-o, Bull's Eye, Kool-Aid, Maxwell House
Lever Brothers Dove, All, Surf, Sunlight, Shield, Wisk
Lipton Wishbone
Malt O' Meal Malt O' Meal
Marcal Marcal
Nabisco Snackwell
Nestle Alpo, Libby, Contadina, Butterfinger, Jucy Juice, Stouffers
Pellman Pies
Pinnacle Foods Swanson, Aunt Jemima (Frozen), Mrs. Pauls
Procter & Gamble Duncan Hines, Bounty, Pampers
Quaker Gatorade, Aunt Jemima
Sara Lee Sara Lee
S.C. Johnson Glade, Pledge, Shout, Windex, Vanish
Tropicana Tropicana, Dole
Tyson Tyson, Weaver, Holly Farms

Please note if you are planning a visit to Amelia's they are Closed on Sunday and they do not take credit cards (they do take debit cards though!)

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