Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Revising the way I shop a bit

Today we got the news at our house, that many have gotten across the country.

My husband is being laid off.

We are blessed in that we have advanced notice of this, his lay off date is 3/31/09.
Honestly, we have been through the layoff route before. He previously worked in the semiconducter and technology industry (in HR) , and they both when through company shut downs and layoffs. This time he is doing HR in the medical industry, and we had thought that was a bit more secure, but apparently not. The difference between this layout and previous ones: I am not working full time, we have 2 kids.

I know how to shop now, I know how to save, and I have a STOCKPILE! Oh and for the first time ever for us, we have already prepaid our home heating oil for the year.

I will definitely be rethinking some things though. Some deals I have done as nice extras, but still had an out of pocket cost. I had already told my family that all I wanted for Christmas was a freezer, this is going to become a mission for me now. Having an extra freezer would give me the ability to stockpile so much more food, and save more money. I would also really like to look into purchasing a 1/2 or 1/4 cow, having that in the freezer would make me very reassured.

And, as we are approaching tax season, I am considering getting a job processing income tax returns.

Anyone have any suggestions, been there and wish you had dones?

If you happen to know of an HR/Payroll job in Montgomery County or Northern Chester County PA, please contact me!

Keep watching, I will share how things go for us.


Anonymous said...

Diane, I feel your pain. Jack has been laid off since May 31st and still no job. It's been horrible but we are managing. He also had lots of advance notice and did get a severance package or we would be currently out on the streets. We are also blessed to have a second home at the shore that we can sell if necessary. I pray that both of our DH's find jobs very soon. Hugs, Maria

Jenny said...

I will definitely check the job postings at my company . . . although we are anything but secure these days. I'm sorry about your husband, but you are fortunate to get such advance notice.

barb in gilbertsville said...

Diane, so sorry to read what you are going through. Thanks for helping others with your posts to save us all money.
Barb H.

Anonymous said...

I am very sorry to hear the news of your husband's layoff. I went and checked Craig's List for job postings and here are a few that I found:

I hope that he will be able to find a job soon. On a local note, if you are looking for part time work in the tax season Royersford has an H&R Block and I have heard from other people that H&R Block hires people and trains them on their system for extra tax season help. If you inquire about a position now, way before the season gets here, you might have a better chance of getting in for it.