Monday, February 2, 2009

Come on , there is no way I can do that!

With just some basic tools you CAN do this! To be honest these aren't even my pictures. They were taken by my best friend, in her dinning room, tonight.

How much did all of this cost? About $55

How many stores to get all that? This table did involve shopping with 3 different chains stores, none more then 5 miles from where the purchaser would have gone anyway. The stores involved were Weis, CVS and ACME.

I could never use so many boxes of cereal!?! Really, well how many boxes of cereal do you buy a week? Have you ever checked the expiration dates on cereal - I have - and many times the expiration date in nearly a year from when I purchased it. So even if you family only used 2 boxes of cereal a week that is only about 8 weeks worth of cereal.

Ok, so how can I do this in 'babysteps'

Try this deal this week at ACME (through Thursday 2/5/2009)
Buy 4 Select General Mills Cereals 4 for $10 (as in ad includes Kix, Cheerios, Trix)
Use General Mills coupons from the Sunday Paper, or Print 2 Cheerios Coupons HERE

When your purchase is complete, the Catalina machine (awesome coupon printing machine located at the register) will print a coupon for a FREE gallon of milk (up to $4.50, on your next visit)

How much have you save with just this deal? Well the regular price of the Cheerios included in this deal is $3.49, you are getting is for $2.50, so that is a savings of $.99 a box (saving $3.96 for 4 boxes) plus up to $4.50 for milk, and your coupons. So you are looking at a savings of AT LEAST $9.46. Who doesn't like to have an extra $10 in their pocket?

While you are at ACME here are some other deals you may want to take a look at:
Totino's Pizza Rolls $1 - recent ad coupons for $.35 (doubled to $.70 means they only cost $.30) or a printable coupon HERE
Softsoap handsoap $1 recent ad coupons for $.35 (doubled to $.70 means they only cost $.30)

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