Monday, February 2, 2009

TY Weis and Betty Crocker!

I admit, I have become a bit focused on one store, ACME, and I forget to check the other stores for great deals too.

Well this week there is a  sale, ending  2/4/2009.  This sale includes Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks 4 for $4  AND get a $2.50 OYNO  (on your next order) coupon.    So my BFF and I gathered all of our Fruit Snacks coupons (during the Super Bowl last night)  and I headed out to 2 Weis stores today.

Here is what I ended up with:
28 boxes fruit snacks
4 boxes granola bars
3 chili seasoning mixes
5 boxes pasta
and a pack of mints

Out of pocket cost:   $5.76
SAVINGS                   $103.52 ! ! ! 
and a $2.50 OYNO catalina that I used at ACME

Only shame of it, my kids don't really like the fruit snacks - but my BFF's kids do!


Anonymous said...

Oh man. My youngest loves taking fruit snacks to school for their snack time. We don't get the Weis as in with the other circulars. Guess I'd better start watching that forum. Lol.

How in the world were you able to use the Weis catalina at Acme? I thought the cats had to be redeemed at the store you got them from.

Anonymous said...

I meant ads not as. Dern typos.

DianeScraps said...

I am really trying to make a point to look at the other forums. I realized I had shopped pretty much exclusively at ACME, and I know that the other stores can't be totally without deals.

If the catalina is a Manufacturers Coupon then yes other stores can take them. Some won't, but many will. I truly tested this theory when we had that awesome run of Glade deals.

Anonymous said...

Giant always watched me like a hawk. They always think that I am "getting away with something" when I get cats and then use them. (rolls eyes) It seems that every time I use coupons at Acme there is always at least one that needs an override.

With my luck, trying to use a cat from one store at another will result in a big fat no. I have 3 $1.00 cats from Genuardi's and I would love to use them somewhere else. Maybe I should give it a go and see what happens.

Bonnie said...

Can you use your $2.50 catalina to buy more. I did the deal 3 times today, but just kept the catalinas for later. I wanted to go back tomorrow for some more, but I would prefer to not spend any more oop.

DianeScraps said...

You can definitely roll the catalinas to more Betty Crocker snacks. I continued to do it over and over!