Sunday, February 15, 2009

Have you checked out the current Acme FUN?

This isn't me, but it is my BFF sharing her great joy of the Catalina fun at ACME this week. The current sales are great and there are lots of coupons to match up with them!

BTW - she posed for this picture just a little while before sharing the excitement that she is pregnant with child number 3! So when you start seeing a whole lot more posts about baby deals and such, it is because now we need to help her stockpile!


Bridget said...

Hey Diane, or shall I say Yoda???

Show me how to do this, I will have Moira look at this too. I am AMAZED at what you do. Please teach me, Yoda...Love you! Bridget

DianeScraps said...

Bridget, I am happy to share! I have taken JM through ACME to show her how to work the sales, and I am Happy to do the same with you and Moira.