Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm Back! Couple of quick couponer things to do!

I admit I had a great time away scrapbooking, even though I came home to sleep it was still the most away I have been from the family since we moved our daughters into our home, as foster children, in 2005! I am telling you this Mommy needed a break!

Other then picking up my newspapers at Dollar Tree, I have done nothing coupon related this week, even ran through ACME tonight for a quick dinner without coupons.

So what I am going to toss out here is a quick run down of what I see as some quick, current couponer 'to do' items.

First, clean out your coupon organizer. A TON of coupons expired 9/31 through 10/5. And unless you are one of those lucky people who lives in an area that accepts expired coupons, it is time to move on. There are some military programs that accept these coupons, so you may want to consider contacting them. (Coupons can be used on overseas military bases 6 months past the expiration date).

Many of the printable coupon sites reset on the first of the month. So now is the time to check them out. You may be able to print one or two more copies of a coupon that you LOVED, and you may find some new coupons too!
Sites to Check
Bricks Coupons
Betty Crocker
General Mills
Blue Bunny Ice Cream

Baking season (Thanksgiving through Christmas) is rapidly approaching. Now is a great time to sort through your baking items, weed out items that are expired, and make a checklist of items that you need for the holidays. While sales have changed over the years, this is the season for baking, and the stores know it too, so I will be watching for baking items to replenish my pantry.

While we morn the loss of the money making Glade Gel Warmer deal that seemed to appear everywhere (Acme, Giant, Some KMart, Jewel, etc etc etc) Keep your glade gel warmer REFILL coupons handy. I got a text message from my sister today that her Giant PA store shelf shows a $2 OYNO Catalina when you buy 2, and this deal goes into November. I don't think these are a money maker (or even a freebie) YET, but that is plenty of time for a sale to come in.

Just one more thing! While chatting with my friend Lori, over the weekend she mentioned that she is very good about clipping her coupons, and putting them in her little organizer bag, but she is very BAD about actually taking them to the store. She pretty much talked herself through the issue and decided to move her coupon storage with her grocery shopping list. Now Lori is by no means a power coupon shopper, but is doing her best to be a Savvy Shopper. So take a moment and review your grocery store shopping strategy. What are you falling short on? Taking the reusable bags to the store? (I now have my kids run them out to the car as soon as they are empty) Taking your coupons? Taking your list? Whatever it is, take a moment to see what you can do to possibly cut down on / eliminate that problem. You just may save your self some $$ and some sanity at the same time!


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