Wednesday, October 29, 2008

KMart Super Doubles End 11/1, ACME Deals are coming, and Superfresh TRIPLES start 10/31

Are we having fun yet?!?!?!??!

Have you shopped Kmart yet? Don't forget grab your in store Beauty books! The coupons on them work great on things like the B1G1 Loreal Makeup (my store lets me use a coupon for each item too!), Almay 40% off makeup, Kiss Nail Art, Revlon Nail Files (great for solider donations!) Plus the "hot list" from my previous post.

There has been a lot of bzzzzzz about ACME and Jewel deals coming at Couponers Wanted they are OYNO catalina deals which *should* be based on shelf price not on sale price. The ONLY way to know what is hot with the Jewel deals . . .which frequently match up with the ACME deals is to watch Couponers Wanted I will post an update when I have the ad, but Barb and Ernie have the heads up way earlier then me.
Also, if you use an ACME Cash Rewards points store. Check the bottom of your receipt, the end of the month is approaching and you don't want to just miss a point level to get a bigger reward! Also rewards will now be printing as a catalina after the 15th of the month the reward, the month following when the award was earned, no more wondering when they will come in the mail! WTG ACME!
Kristen C at HCW is reporting Superfresh Triples starting 10/31 ! It's been awhile (Since I believe the end of August) so I am ready for these!!!
Hot coupons from previous Superfresh Triples deals Vive Paper Towels, Reynolds Wrap (the pop up dispensers), Hot Pockets, Toothbrushes, Deodorant, Texas Toast Croutons, Eggos, Ben & Jerry's, Totinos Pizza Rolls, Lysol Hand Sanitizer . . . we will have to wait for the coupon previews and the ad to get an idea of what else might be hot.

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Anonymous said...

Great site Diane! Thanks for doing this. I was wondering if you knew of any site that does coupon match ups for Giant grocery stores. I live in Pa.
Thanks! Mary