Friday, August 1, 2008

Jumping into blogging

I decided I want to join the pack, so I am jumping in with my savings blog.

I am in South Eastern PA and at this time the stores close to me are:
ACME (part of the Albertsons chain)
Genaurdis (part of the Safeway chain)
Giant PA
Coming Soon . . . Wegmans

Rite Aid
Coming Soon . . . . Walgreens


Message boards I frequent

Blogs I frequent

Other basics about me
I have been married for 14 years, we are parents to 2 AWESOME daughters. Our daughters are adopted, from foster care. We have 2 cats. I work part-time as a insurance auditor. My husband and I also own and run a LARP group.
We are located in South Eastern PA.

I love to use coupons, I love to get things for FREE, I love my stockpile, so this is my place to share it.


Shannon said...

Hi there! I too am in Southeast PA, Chester County area to be exact.
Looking forward to reading your blog!

DianeScraps said...

Welcome! I am right on the Chester County and Montgomery County line