Saturday, August 2, 2008

Awesome Edys Ice Cream deal at ACME

ACME has the Edy's Ice Cream on sale B1G1 (buy one, get one FREE)

My ACME Avenu* is giving $2 off per container, limit 2 per visit.

The Edys frozen yogurt is included in the deal.

There is a $.50 off blinkie for Edys frozen yogurt

Tonight I got
1 container Edys Frozen Yogurt (Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl)
1 container Edys Double Chocolate Brownie

B1G1 cost $5.99
Less instant Avenue savings - $4.00
Less blinkie coupon -$.50
Subtotal $1.49
Tax $.54
Total $2.03

This deal seems to be coming around every 4-6 weeks, tastes great, not so good for my waistline though!

* Avenu is an ACME savings program
You can check your cards special offers by logging your ACME card number in at This site will then display special ACME deals for your card, the top section are you daily specials, the bottom section is the weekly specials.

I highly recommend that you check this daily, or at minimum before each trip to ACME, the Avenu savings can really add up!

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